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“Prince of Silk and Thorns” Is A Can’t-Put-It-Down Read

“First best is falling in love. Second best is being in love.” – Maya Angelou

It’s not often that I am surprised by romance novel and this was a very pleasant surprise, indeed. When Prince of Silk of Thorns came across for review, I have to admit I was a bit underwhelmed by the cover- Cherries on a rope? What does that have to do with a Prince? The story being a mixture of historical fantasy was not my usual genre either. I have to admit that I reluctantly dove into the story and after about 10 pages couldn’t put the darn thing down!

The story is about Prince Alar and a peasant boy, Garin, who Alar finds working in a field. Alar takes Garin as a slave and takes him back to the palace. From the get-go the sexual tension and chemistry between the two MC’s is palpable and takes on a life of its own. Garin is a sexual virgin who has always been drawn to men, and the seemingly cruel Alar just seems interested in satisfying his own needs. However, the relationship between slave and master that takes at first a BDSM slant grows into something more. The two men start to fall in love and Garin, who saves the “half fallen angel” Alar, from an assassination attempt puts his own life in danger to ensure the safety and health of Alar. It’s through many political intrigues in a medieval world that Garin and Alar find love, and they work to put each man on equal footing with one another for the sake of the love they have for one another.

This book is not only engrossing in plot but let me tell you, the sex scenes between the MC’s are kept fresh and incredibly sensual. Dare makes each and every sexual encounter between Garin and Alar fresh and invigorating. The sex in this book is not the same old hat. It’s involved in the storyline and flows seamlessly with the plot, and each and every encounter makes the relationship between the two main characters palpable and real.

This book is GREAT and is something that will stay with me for a very long time. Yes the language can be a bit flowery but beyond that, this book is wonderful. I look forward to reading much more from this author. Never judge a book by its cover!

Reviewed by: Bruce

You can buy Prince of Silk and Thorns here:


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