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“Livin’ on the Edge” Is What Rock ‘n Roll Is All About

“If a relationship is base on loved, everything is worth one more try.” – Author Unknown

This is the author’s debut novel. Reading the blurb and finding out it was about rockers, I was instantly hooked.

Wes and Scottie are brothers who lost their parents and were put into foster care. After turning eighteen, Wes decides he can take better care of his brother than the foster homes they’ve been in, and he sells himself for money doing whatever it takes for the both of them to survive. After finding Wes beat up, bruised, and battered in an alleyway behind his bar, the owner takes them in and offers both brothers a place to stay. It’s where they both discovered their passion for music by playing with the house band and eventually taking it over. Thus the start of a very successful career.

They story opens several years into their stardom as an alternative rock band and is told through Wes’s POV. Wes knows he’s bisexual but is coming to realize he’s leaning more towards men. Especially when he becomes obsessed with a male fan he sees in the crowd. He can’t stop thinking about him. I loved the intensity of Wes’s infatuation with this mystery fan. It jumps off the page just how blown away he is by what he feels for this guy, he doesn’t really know how to handle his emotions. After shouting in my head at him to just talk to the dude he finally does. We are then introduced to Micah, who is just so sweet and flabbergasted that Wes is even talking to him.

The night these two spend together has the making of a true love story. You feel the total connection and ease they have around each other. It was like they were together for years instead of just hours. Everything flowed perfectly. And the sex was absolutely amazing. I was reading this with a smile on my face, but also with a little apprehension. How was this night going to end? Was this going to be shattered by the light of the day?

Wes isn’t out to anyone. He’s worried about how his band mates and fans would react to him being gay. I kind of felt bad for him, not being comfortable enough to be who he really was. I was a little frustrated with him too, for not confiding in his brother. I felt he could have talked to his brother and it would have been okay. They’ve been through so much together and they only have each other, I just couldn’t see Scottie turning his back on Wes. From the few scenes we see Scottie in, you can sense the love he has for his brother. It was sad Wes thought he couldn’t tell him, fearing rejection from the only family he has left.

A year goes by before Wes and Micah see each other at a musical festival. As it so happens, Micah has a job with another band working their sound system. The instant Wes sees Micah, all the feelings he has been keeping under wraps comes to the surface and he’s determined to get him back. I felt Micah was totally justified in keeping Wes at arm’s length. Wes had hurt him so bad, and he doesn’t trust him. He’s moved on, has a boyfriend and if Wes is serious about earning his trust back, it’s gonna have to be big.

I’m so glad there wasn’t an instant ‘get back together’ scene. I feel what Wes and Micah have is something worth fighting for. I’m so happy the author made them both work at the relationship instead giving them an easy fix. You just know these two are going to make it.

I believe this story is about second chances, self discovery and living your life to fullest. I am very much looking forward to the second book in this series.

Reviewed by: Lynn

You can buy Livin’ on the Edge (Edge #1) here:


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