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See Your Way To Andrew Grey’s “Love Comes in Darkness”

“Touch comes before sight, before speech. It is the first language and the last, and it always tells the truth.” ― Margaret Atwood

Love Comes In Darkness is the second in the Senses Series. I haven’t read book one, and while I believe book two can be read as a standalone, some may feel as though they’re missing out on the first couple’s story. In that case, read Love Comes Silently first.

Howard is blind, has been since birth. He relies on his hearing, touch and smell to “see” the world. I haven’t read many stories in which the main character is blind, and was apprehensive on how the author would make it real. It seems as though the author had done his research in bringing out the realistic aspects of being a blind person, living in a world for sighted people. Not knowing color, but seeing color through texture. Never seeing someone smile, but knowing they are just by the tone of their voice. I believe Andrew Grey does a great job bringing the reader in and showing us the world through Howard’s eyes. It was very well done.

The story starts when Howard’s soon to be ex boyfriend leaves him stranded by the side of a busy highway after an argument. While on the phone with a friend trying to determine where he is exactly so he can be picked up, a Good Samaritan named Gordy stops and offers Howard refuge in his truck until his friends get there.

Gordy is attracted to Howard from the start. Through some chance meetings and mutual friends, they get to know each other. I enjoyed their interactions with each other; it felt real, not forced or uncomfortable. Gordy was genuinely interested in Howard as a person and the fact that he was blind didn’t matter. Part of Gordy’s appeal is that he didn’t feel the need to take control of Howard’s life like previous boyfriends had. Howard knew right from the beginning, too, that Gordy was a great guy. Who else would have stopped to help a total stranger by the side of the road? He also got clues from his friends about what a nice person Gordy was and how he couldn’t keep his eyes off of Howard. I loved how their relationship evolved. It wasn’t too fast, they weren’t hopping into bed with each other as soon as they met.

As someone who wasn’t privy to the details in having a seeing eye dog, the descriptions of what is involved in training a dog to help the blind was very informative. I thoroughly enjoyed reading that part of the story. Originally, Howard thought getting a seeing eye would take away his independence. Slowly he came to realize he’d have more freedom and security having a dog with him.

When tragedy strikes, Howard questions his ability to take care of his six year old niece. His inner turmoil over the loss of his sister and being the sole guardian to a child was heartbreaking. There were a few skeptics wondering how a blind guy who lived alone could take care if a child, but it all works out in the end and everyone gets what they need at the end of the day. I loved how it wasn’t drawn out into something more confrontational.

I’m not overly fond of kids in the stories I read, but this just worked. I’m very happy I didn’t let this one go by. Overall, this was a very sweet story, and I enjoyed reading it very much. Andrew Grey fans will not be disappointed.

Reviewed by: Lynn

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