S.A. McAuley, Total-E-Bound Publishing

Who Will Be The “Dominant Predator” In The Borders War?

“I think it says something about human nature that the only form of life we have created so far is purely destructive. We’ve created life in our own image.” ― Stephen Hawking

Welcome to the Revolution.

The fight for dominance in a game of political warfare now comes down not to who is right but to who will be left when the battle is done. It is a question of survival of the fittest in which the dominant predators have been genetically modified to serve as the weapons of destruction. One thing is certain: the fact that they currently fight for the same side weighs heavily against the Opposition’s favor.

Merq Grayson has become the face of the Revolution, though that hadn’t been the original plan when he was chosen for this mission. With one bullet, he assassinated the Premiere of the Opposition. He was meant to be made sacrifice for the greater good, but his enemy-turned-lover, Armise Darcan, was not about to allow for that outcome, turning traitor to his own country in loyalty to the one person he will follow and protect to the end of his days.

For a man who does not trust easily or often, when trusting in someone can mean the difference between betrayal and death, Merq’s faith in Armise is a gift that’s been earned. Whether that will last, however, is anyone’s guess. If it comes down to Dominant Predator vs. Dominant Predator, there will be no winner. The loss would be devastating on a soul-deep level for both men, so it remains to be seen if a father’s prophecy will come true, or if the son and his brother-in-arms, lover, partner will only become stronger as they fight shoulder to shoulder, back to back, one for the cause, the other for the man he loves. They are bound together; let nothing tear them asunder.

The twenty-sixth century is a barren and desolate place, a dystopian landscape where anything that resembles hope has been quashed by political oppression. It is a place where the fight is the way of life, where life itself is expendable if it serves a madman’s bid for power, where that madman is now the target of Merq and Armise’s deadly skills. S.A. McAuley has turned in a brilliant sequel to the stellar One Breath, One Bullet, and my only regret in reading Dominant Predator now is knowing I have to wait for the next book in the series.

If you’re looking for the antidote to the formula romance, this series is it because it’s not romance in even the loosest definition of the word. The Borders War series is raw, it’s erotic, it’s edgy, it’s in-your-face, it’s bloody. This is war and war’s not pretty, but in this case, it is irresistible. The author doesn’t mince words nor over-tell, providing exactly the detail necessary to keep the pacing of the plot somewhere in the edge-of-your-seat range.

Obviously this series won’t be for everyone, but if you love strong male characters who deal in death and prefer bullets and blades to hearts and flowers, I can’t recommend this one highly enough.

Reviewed by: Lisa

You can buy Dominant Predator (The Borders War #2) here:


2 thoughts on “Who Will Be The “Dominant Predator” In The Borders War?

  1. Oh my gosh, I love this series so much! I love a good romance, but sometimes I just want to sink my teeth into something that’s down and dirty. This series is definitely it. :)


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