Julia Talbot, Torquere Press

“Full Moon Dating” Might Be Your Perfect Match

“Love is the answer but while you’re waiting for the answer, sex raises some pretty good questions.” – Woody Allen

Full disclosure here, I LOVE LOVE LOVE M/M shifter stories. There is something ridiculously hot when two werewolves come together, pun intended! There is always a power dynamic between the two, a dominant and submissive. Two guys growling, wrestling and then one coming away the victor. Besides the obvious, the appeal is purely on a primitive level.

Full Moon Dating is a short and sweet book about a shifter/paranormal dating service that matches up potential mates. That’s all there is to it and its fine with me!

Aiden and Ben are first up. A teaser at the end opens the door to more matches and books. I’m totally on board with that. Aiden is a “little red wolf” from Dallas with submissive tendencies. Ben is a “huge gray wolf” from the backwoods of Wyoming who likes his pups submissive. A perfect match!

Ok, there is really no plot to speak off just sex and the sex is pretty hot. Mutual attraction right of the bat gets hot and heavy with lots of biting and spanking. Oh my! There’s a little tension thrown in to break up the sex just to give the reader some breathing room. Aiden’s a city wolf and his lack of wolf “skills” make him a bit uncomfortable with his wolf. He gets scared and runs off after his uncontrollable shift in bed. Of course, Ben finds him and teaches him a fun lesson on why it’s not ok to run away from your issues. Queue in more sex.

I’m giving it 4.5 stars only because it was pretty short but if it was any longer I would have needed a cold drink!

Reviewed by: Lana

You can buy Full Moon Dating: Aiden and Ben here:


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