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Let The Men Of Myth Take You To The “Submerging Inferno”

“There is no getting away from the past or from one’s destiny.” ― Laxmi Hariharan

Where to begin?? Let me start off with saying that I loved this book!!! I am very picky when it comes to fantasy books. I do enjoy a story set in different worlds but I think my favorite would be a contemporary world set on its axis. A world where the supernatural lives along with the ordinary. Where witches are bakers and a demon is a life guard. Since it’s the first book in the Men of Myth series, I’m excited to see what happens next in the two books.

The story revolves around Brett Wright and Finn DeMorisco. Brett is your average walking and talking gorgeous god. He thinks he’s normal except for the fact that the only time he finds peace is when he’s in the water swimming. He was raised by his devoutly religious grandmother and an atheist grandfather. His mother was never in the picture. Later in the book the back-story of his family is revealed, and he gets answers why his family is the way they are. His coming out created a rift and his grandfather kicked him out. We first meet Brett at his grandfather’s funeral. He is not there as a guest or a member of the family. He’s in the shadows because he believes that no one wants him there. The funeral is a turning point in Brett’s life. Brett begins to experience weird things which he can’t explain, the feeling of being watching when he’s in the water and set the water on fire.

Finn DeMorisco is a baker and a warlock. We don’t get to know him that well at first but there’s a sense that he’s a good guy, who is a little insecure.

The first meeting between them is a quasi blind date which does not go as planned. Brett gets entranced by a vampire and dismisses Finn. Finn takes offence because he does not realize that Brett is under the vampire’s control. Finn is unable to stop the attack on Brett. This event pushes Brett over the edge and his “powers” come out. He’s thrust into a magical world that he never knew existed. This starts the chain of events that sets both Brett and Finn on their quest of discovery. What is Brett and why does the vampire want him?

Finn and his family become Brett’s guides in this strange new reality and more. Brett gets a taste of what a real close family is like. Because of his own lonely childhood, he’s fascinated buy the big family but at the same time is afraid that’s what Finn wants and he’s not sure he can give it to him. Along the way there is heartache, love and more heartache. Brett and Finn give into their mutual attraction, which starts slowly, but then moves pretty fast. They are meant to be together. I thought the interaction between the two was very well written. There was humor and angst. When one was weak, the other was strong. The sex between the two characters was sweet and hot even if it was a bit predictable. But than again, who doesn’t like when two hot guys get together? The encounter between Brett and the vampire was not consensual. So be warned.

A large cast of supporting characters added color and background to a well written and rounded story. There where witches, warlocks, vampires, werewolves, nymphs, mermen and demons. I’m curious to see how the later books flesh out these various characters. I enjoyed this book and if you like contemporary mixed with fantasy, this book is perfect for you.

Reviewed by: Lana

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7 thoughts on “Let The Men Of Myth Take You To The “Submerging Inferno”

  1. Lana,
    I just found out about this review. Since I’m new to this, maybe it’s tacky to comment, and, if so, that’s okay, I’ve been called worse. :) Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review Submerging! You just made my week! I love that you really got the characters and their situations! I can not wait to hear what you think about two and three. I think you’ll be be excited! Thank you so very much! Brandon Witt


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