N.R. Walker, Total-E-Bound Publishing

There’s No Turning Back Once You’ve Reached “The Point of No Return”

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.” ― Albert Camus

Sometimes perspective is a concept that can only be gained after a situation becomes so desperate that it leaves you standing on the fringes of your own life looking at yourself, at how you’ve lived and at what you’d always considered important up to that point, then realizing that nothing, nothing has ever mattered as much to you as the one person who defines what it means to truly live and makes you see that you’ve only been existing in a half-life sort of way.

Matthew Elliott is a cop with the LAPD, the public face of a team dubbed the Fab Four by the media, owing to their success at shutting down drug rings throughout the city and putting the criminals behind bars. The three other men who make up the team—Mitch, Tony and Kurt—are more like brothers than co-workers, more like family to Matt than simply people he goes out and risks his life with on a near daily basis. They know everything there is to know about each other but for one crucial secret about Matt—that he’s gay.

Matt’s ten years on the force haven’t given him much reason to believe that coming out would be a strategic move either personally or professionally, so he’s lingered in the closet, allowing the other happily attached men to believe he’s playing the field with a different woman every chance he gets. It works for him to a point, has worked for a decade, and would have continued working were if not for Kira Takeo Franco—Frankie, to his boss—who is a new trainer at the gym where Matt and the guys belong. When Kira and Matt begin dating on the down-low, when they fall in love with each other, when Kira becomes a pawn in a deadly game being played by a sadistic drug lord, Matt learns what it means to lie by omission, and learns that sometimes those sorts of lies can be every bit as damaging as the ones we say aloud.

Point of No Return is more romance than police procedural, up until the point it becomes a tension filled race against time in a situation that shockingly outs Matt to his brothers in the very midst of a strategic bid to out-think a madman. It’s a deadly situation that calls for these men to band together right at the point where Matt’s secret could tear them apart. But it’s Kira himself who becomes the hero and unwittingly bonds them all together to save the lives of the people they love.

N.R. Walker has delivered a briskly pace and smoothly narrated story that, at times, had me longing to turn the pages faster than I could read the words because I couldn’t wait to see what happened next. My only small niggle were a couple of non-Americanisms that took me out of the story for just a tick, but that certainly didn’t influence my overall enjoyment of this book.

Reviewed by: Lisa

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