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Kendall McKenna Is Here Today To Talk Wolves And Dog Tags And Giveaways!

Hello! I’m Kendall McKenna and write M/M Erotic Romance Novels. I’m best known for characters that are authentically written U.S. Marines right down to the jargon they use and the cadence of their speech. When they’re not falling in love, I like to send my Marines into realistic combat scenes that will get your heart racing.

I threw a curve into my series, The Tameness of the Wolf, by adding werewolves who serve openly alongside their human counterparts…and fall in love with them, too! The first book, Strength of the Pack, altered the landscape of the paranormal genre. The main characters, Lucas and Noah, have earned themselves a fierce and loyal following. Their commanding officer, Tim Madison, is a supporting character who generated his own fan base.

The second book in the series, Strength of the Wolf, was released a week ago and has quickly clawed its way up to the top of the bestseller lists. Tim Madison returns in this book, and he gets himself his own (civilian) werewolf to challenge him. Noah and Lucas are back, although in a supporting role. Strength of the Wolf expands the universe I introduced in the first book, giving a deeper look at werewolf biology and culture. Set in the early days of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Strength of the Wolf also takes a closer look at humans and werewolves working together in close pairings, like many of the ancient warrior cultures and brotherhoods.

1291250_424258644349183_722154818_nStrength of the Wolf, like Strength of the Pack before it, is a healthy, compelling, and very satisfying full length novel. The stories and relationships unfold before you, instead of exploding into existence and concluding before you’ve really gotten to know the characters. And since natural wolves are loyal, loving, and physically affectionate, you can bet the open-door love scenes between Lucas & Noah and Jeremy & Tim are affectionate, intimate, and just plain hot!

Reader affection for these pairings is so strong that when it came time to have swag made for the series, I couldn’t do any of the typical trinkets. Instead, I’ve had authentic dog tags made for the individual pairings. These dog tags are the same as those worn by U.S. military personal, except they’re for characters that inhabit a universe where some people shift into an animal! Lucas and Noah have a set, and are highly coveted. Just yesterday, I received the dog tags for Tim and Jeremy!

Today is my birthday, so I’m in the mood to celebrate! I’m going to give away an e-book copy of one of the Tameness of the Wolf titles. I’m also going to give away one set of dog tags, either Noah & Lucas or Jeremy & Tim.

More on that later! First, here’s a quick look at why Strength of the Wolf is climbing the bestseller lists:


After a fiery exit from Afghanistan, Tim Madison is promoted to major. Jeremy Wagner is a civilian, just beginning his Transition to True Alpha. As a lone wolf, he has no one to teach him the vital principles of strong leadership. After a volatile chance encounter, Tim and Jeremy form an intimate bond.

As Jeremy prepares to someday lead his own pack, Tim struggles with military werewolves being needlessly maimed in combat, as well as specifically targeted by hostile forces. Despite Tim and Jeremy’s feelings, werewolf and human politics or family conflict could prevent their mate-bond.


The crowd of Marines backed away, forming a wide circle around Tim. To his left, Lucas dropped what he was carrying. Glass shattered on the wooden deck and dispelled the food it contained. To Tim’s right, Jeremy’s clawed hands wrapped around Terrell Hubbard’s throat. His lips pulled back in a ferocious snarl, revealing long, wickedly sharp fangs. Hubbard’s fingers were claws, as well. One gripped Jeremy’s bicep, the other was fisted in Jeremy’s shirt. Hubbard bared his fangs, barking and growling in Jeremy’s face.

Adrenaline surged into Tim’s bloodstream. His heart pounded, his mouth went dry. “Jeremy! Knock it the fuck off!” he shouted, reaching for the brat’s shoulders to pull him away from Hubbard. “Sergeant Hubbard! Stand down! Right the fuck now!” Tim’s skin tightened over his bones and his clothes were suddenly painful.

Tim hadn’t been this afraid in combat. Hubbard was inches taller and tens of pounds heavier than Jeremy. He was a trained Marine, battle hardened. Jeremy was outclassed and that scared the shit out of Tim.

“Submit, Terrell,” Noah shouted, voice rough and commanding. He sounded more wolf than human.
Just as Tim reached for Jeremy, strong hands grasped his wrists.

“Stay out of it,” Lucas said, trying to drag Tim away from the embattled werewolves. “You’ll only get hurt.”

“Jeremy’s no match for Hubbard,” Tim said angrily, trying to shake off Lucas.

“Yes, he is.” Lucas put himself between Tim and the shifters, giving a mighty shove. “Let Noah handle it.”

Tim stumbled, Lucas’ shove sending him off balance. He started back toward Jeremy, desperate to get him away from the larger, stronger Hubbard. Lucas blocked his path. Dawson was suddenly behind Lucas as silent reinforcement.

“Submit to him, Terrell,” Noah ordered again. He stood beside the two werewolves but didn’t touch. Tim wondered why the hell he didn’t break up the fight. “If you make him shift he’ll rip your throat out.”
In the blink of an eye, Hubbard gave up the fight and let himself be carried to the ground by Jeremy’s weight. Now on his back, Terrell let his arms go limp beside him. He tilted back his head so that both his throat and his belly were vulnerable to Jeremy’s attack.

A strange silence fell over the yard, save for Hubbard’s labored breathing as he struggled to get air past Jeremy’s grip on his throat. Jeremy crouched over Terrell’s supine form. He gripped Hubbard’s throat with only one clawed hand now. He leaned down until his open mouth hovered just above Terrell’s throat.

“My wolf has submitted, Jeremy,” Noah said calmly. He knelt next to the combatants, still not touching Jeremy. “You’re the victor. He submitted. Let him up.”

Jeremy continued to crouch over Hubbard. He snapped audibly at the vulnerable flesh of Terrell’s throat. Hubbard flinched. Tim clenched his jaw, silently begging Jeremy to accept Hubbard’s submission.

“You can’t filter this through any human or military standards,” Lucas said quietly. Tim had nearly forgotten he was there. “I know you think it’s too soon, but do you feel a connection to Jeremy?”
Tim swallowed hard, his throat tight. To his relief, Jeremy released Terrell, rising gracefully to his feet. “Yes,” Tim admitted, eyes following Jeremy as he stalked back and forth, glaring at the werewolves circled around them.

“Let him mark you, then,” said Lucas. “Right now, in front of the Pack.”

Tim realized everything had been leading him to this very moment, despite his efforts to deny and avoid it. “Yeah,” he sighed. He had feelings for the kid he knew weren’t mixed up with Jeremy’s, or tied to the full moon. Jeremy’s well-being mattered to Tim, but he was the reason Jeremy was angry and aggressive. Jeremy needed Tim to stop hiding.

“It’s got to be a visible mark,” Lucas reminded him. “He’s going to want to get his scent on you, too.”

None of that bothered Tim. Well, the visible marks made him apprehensive. He’d had such sympathy for Lucas, watching him struggle with werewolves making things public that humans usually kept private.
“The brat had better be worth all the drama,” Tim muttered darkly, decision made.

Lucas chuckled. “You wouldn’t like him if he wasn’t a challenge.”

Lucas and Dawson both stepped aside, leaving Tim free to approach to Jeremy. Or Jeremy to approach Tim. It wasn’t clear yet how this was going to go down. Terrell had rolled onto his side, but he still lay on the ground at Jeremy’s feet. The neck of his muscle shirt was darkened with blood. Jeremy’s claws had done some damage. Thankfully, it didn’t appear too severe.

Jeremy stopped pacing. Noah stood behind him, speaking quietly. Jeremy stood tall, shoulders squared, staring directly at Tim. His eyes were amber and those of a wolf. His chest heaved with each breath. At least his hands were no longer claws. Tim couldn’t tell if Jeremy still had fangs.

It didn’t matter if he did. Tim knew he was in no danger from Jeremy. Focusing all of his attention on Jeremy, Tim realized he should have done this before now. Jeremy’s need was a physical ache. His desire to mark Tim, and be marked in return had always been there. It lingered at the back of Tim’s mind like white noise, making it easy to ignore. Tim’s own regret poured through him, drowning out everything else. He hoped this effort would make up for his mistakes. Releasing a shaky breath, Tim silently acknowledged that he’d wanted this all along.

Tim saw the moment Jeremy sensed that their needs finally synced. He closed the distance between them in a few long strides. Tim clutched at Jeremy’s shirt as Jeremy wrapped his arms around Tim’s waist, pulling their bodies together roughly. Their open mouths collided and Tim felt the hard press of teeth. Jeremy did still have his fangs, their sharp tips drawing blood from Tim’s lips. A thrill ran down Tim’s spine, knowing Jeremy’s lethal strength was leashed, just for him.

Jeremy licked deep into Tim’s mouth, their tongues tangling wetly. Jeremy’s body was flame-hot, pressed to the length of Tim’s. His breath was scalding as it ghosted across Tim’s cheek.

Breaking the kiss, Jeremy buried his face in the join of Tim’s neck and shoulder. Tim shuddered. He pushed his hips against Jeremy’s, feeling Jeremy’s already hard cock. Tim tilted his head slightly, asking at the same time he gave consent.

Jeremy pried Tim’s fingers from his shirt. Tim gasped as Jeremy forced his arms to cross at the small of his back. The strength in Jeremy’s hand was surprising as he restrained Tim’s wrists. The arch in his back pushed Tim’s body hard against Jeremy’s. His own cock was completely hard now and he rubbed himself back and forth against Jeremy. Tim closed his eyes, letting his head fall back in silent pleading.

Jeremy kissed up the length of Tim’s throat, dragging the sharp tips of his teeth along the edge of Tim’s jaw. The slight sting sent a thrill down Tim’s spine and he wanted more. Jeremy nipped at Tim’s pulse where it throbbed just below his skin. Tim moaned when Jeremy soothed the spot with his tongue.
His body went rigid and Tim unleashed a decadent groan when Jeremy’s hot mouth latched onto the side of his neck. Tim’s blood rose to the surface as Jeremy sucked hard at the spot. Jeremy soothed the bruise with a swipe of his tongue. Tim relaxed into Jeremy’s hard body, moaning each time Jeremy sucked a bruise into his throat, or nipped sharply at his too-sensitive skin.

He wanted to touch. Tim struggled to free his hands from Jeremy’s grip. When Jeremy released his wrists, Tim buried his fingers in Jeremy’s hair, holding him close. Jeremy nosed at Tim’s ear, dragging his sharp teeth along the sensitive lobe. Tim shuddered again and moaned.

Lowering his head, Tim found Jeremy’s mouth. He chased Jeremy’s tongue with his own. Curling his fingers in Jeremy’s hair, Tim used it to tilt his head back. He skimmed his lips and nose over the pounding pulse in Jeremy’s throat. Tim pressed his open mouth to the same spot and drew heated blood to the surface. Jeremy panted. He cradled the back of Tim’s head, encouraging him. Tim sucked blood to the surface of Jeremy’s skin. He was deeply satisfied that Jeremy wore his mark. The werewolf pack that surrounded them would know that Jeremy was his, and only his.

Jeremy pulled back abruptly. “Okay, that’s enough,” he gasped. “Any more and we’re going to put on a much more revealing show than I’d planned.”

Tim blinked, struggling to understand Jeremy’s words. He watched Jeremy’s eyes roam over his throat, taking in the bruises Tim could feel darkening on his skin. Jeremy’s expression was satisfied, bordering on arrogant. Tim couldn’t help but chuckle. It was such an Alpha thing to do.

The world began to move around them. Dawson directed someone to clean up the shattered glass and spilled food. Noah tried to save the meat left forgotten on the grill. Mundane conversations swirled around them.

Tim and Jeremy stood alone, completely surrounded by Noah’s Pack, breathing heavily, looking only at one another.

“How long do we have to stay?” Desire was obvious in Jeremy’s still-amber eyes.
“It would be polite to eat something, then help clean up a little,” Tim replied, already calculating how he might maneuver them into an early departure.

“Stay with me tonight?” Jeremy asked.

Tim nodded emphatically. “Of course.” Everyone associated with a werewolf pack was excused from duty for the next two days for the full-moon run. He imagined the two of them had much to discuss over the course of the next twenty-four hours.

“Good,” Jeremy said. He turned toward the cluster of Marines who had begun to serve themselves food. “Now let’s go let them all know it’s time to keep their hands off of what’s mine.”

Jeremy’s possessive words should have angered Tim. Instead, it made him consider being rude and skipping out on food.

If anyone would understand, it would be Lucas and Noah.


1368869_424259297682451_2131068159_nYou can find all you need to know about both Strength of the Pack and Strength of the Wolf at my website:


For a chance to win 1 e-book copy of Strength of the Wolf, or if you’re new to the series, you can select Strength of the Pack!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you’re a fan of the series and you’ve read both books, here’s your chance to enter to win 1 set of authentic dog tags; either Tim & Jeremy or Noah and Lucas!
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Love and dog tags,


47 thoughts on “Kendall McKenna Is Here Today To Talk Wolves And Dog Tags And Giveaways!

  1. Lisa says:

    Happy Birthday Kendall :) Congrats on your new release! Thanks for the great excerpt and giveaway! I look forward to reading Strength of the Wolf.


  2. Trisha Harrington says:

    What are they symbols that are printed on the front of the brown canvas pack Tim gives to Lucas one morning at COP Toscano? : Universal Symbol for Male female and Werewolf

    Which of the two Navy hospital ships were Noah and Lucas evac’d to? : USS Naval Ship Comfort

    What is the name of the small town where Jeremy and the lone wolves run during the full moon? : Julien

    Thank you for the giveaway!!! :)


  3. Julie says:

    Hi Kendall! Happy birthday! Answers to the questions are 1) the universal symbols for male, female, and werewolf 2) U.S. Naval Ship Comfort 3) Julian, which sounds beautiful, btw.


  4. Cathie Vandenburg says:

    Based on the book review by Lisa, and the book blurb featured here, these books are going on my “have to buy” pile. Happy Birthday to you, and thanks for giving new fans an opportunity to win a book.


  5. Penumbra says:

    Happy Birthday! Does this make you a fellow Virgo? :)

    We can only enter for the dog tags if we’ve read the books? :( Any chance to win dog tags for those of us who haven’t gotten around to reading the series yet because of a humongous TBR pile? lol



    • YES! Virgo power!

      I do giveaways for the dog tags that don’t require any trivia knowledge. I never thought anyone who hadn’t read them would want them, but yes, they’re frequently up for grabs. AND after GRL, when I know how many leftovers I’ve got to spare, there will be even more (I hope!).


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