MLR Press, Parker Williams

“Mr. Average” Is An Above Average Read

”There’s nothing wrong with being shallow as long as you’re insightful about it.” — Dennis Miller

Ah, Lucas Manetti….what to say about this guy. Parker Williams created the poster child for entitlement with this man. Lucas seems to be the type of man that bases his self worth on the amount of money in his bank account and the opinion of others. Normally when a person behaves like this it is a shield they use to protect themselves from pain. I believe that is exactly what Lucas is doing even if he doesn’t recognize this himself.

Lucas is looking for love and companionship, but he convinces himself he just wants readily available sex and someone to cook him a meal or two. Of course, the man he chooses to do this for him would have to stay out of sight because really, what would his friends think if he was with a “normal” guy? I mean, who wouldn’t love to be some rich man’s pet? Shack up in a rent free apartment, not have to work and just be at Lucas’ beck and call—sounds fabulous, huh? Not so much to Kyle either.

Kyle has been Lucas’ go to mechanic for the last two years and lately Lucas has been seeing Kyle in a different light. He wants Kyle to be the man he comes home to, the man he sleeps with at night, but not the man he shows to the world. Surprisingly (note sarcasm) Kyle doesn’t agree with this kept man plan, and not only because it is condescending and rude to even suggest it, but it just so happens Kyle is already married. Lucas never even considered that Kyle would turn him down, so what is he supposed to do now?

Enter John Kincaid. John owns the bar that Lucas frequents when he needs to find someone to scratch an itch for the night. After a few interactions with John he realizes that what he has been looking for everywhere has basically been right under his nose the whole time. John wants to take care of Lucas, he has seen the good, the bad and the ugly and keeps coming back for more.

John and Lucas begin a relationship, Lucas’ first real relationship, and things are slightly tense at the beginning. Lucas can’t get over his snobbish attitude when it comes to his perceived differences in their social status. John is forever patient with him and helps him try to overcome his notions of grandeur. Eventually these two get their stuff together and get their HEA. It was not an easy road, but it is one they traveled together.

I loved the premise of this story. How many of us looked for perfection when seeking out our mates? I know I was always crushing on the hottest guy in the room, usually the one with the most social status. I suppose this is normal, but also not so realistic. Now years later, I look back and realize the mate I chose might not be perfect, might not have the highest social status, but he is perfect for me. Lucas and John are the best example of this. John wasn’t exceptionally handsome, he wasn’t rich and he certainly didn’t come with a pedigree, but he knew what Lucas needed and he did his very best to give it to him. At the end of the day that is all we can ask for from our lovers, partners and mates. Luckily, Lucas realized this before he lost the love a very good man.

I really enjoyed watching this story unfold, I only wish it would have been a little longer so the characters could be fleshed out a bit more and I could experience more of the transformation Lucas made. Parker Williams did manage to take a man that was a total jackass and change him into someone that earns the love of a good man and made it believable.

Highly recommend this book if you like short and sweet, with a little healing and some hot lovin’ mixed in.

You can buy Mr. Average here:


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