Chelle Dugan, Dreamspinner Press

This “Hat Trick” Scores

“He that can have patience can have what he will.” ― Benjamin Franklin

Hat Trick is a sweet little story about finding love and staying true to who you truly are. Antoine Cote is a closeted hockey player. He has issues with his sexuality mainly because he thinks he can’t be out and be a hockey player. Nearing he end of his career, he thinks that maybe coming out is a possibility. His love life isn’t great. He doesn’t have long term relationships because he can’t give all of himself to his partners.

Charlie Trevino is a virginal college student. He goes to Toronto with his friends for one thing only, to loose his virginity. Their first meeting in a gay club is auspicious. They catch each others eye across the room and Tony knows that he has to have Charlie, and Charlie has no problem with that.

No surprise what happens next! Charlie is inexperienced and Tony’s care and understanding is very sweet and sexy. The one night stand turns into something more. Something mundane happens, which I will not give away, and they lose touch for a period of time. Both can’t forget that night and eventually they reconnect. Now they start a real relationship. But Tony is still in the closet and can’t give Charlie all that he needs. Charlie is patient but his patience has an expiration date. Tony struggles with his situation: should he come out and risk everything but keep Charlie, or stay hidden and safe but lose love? Sadly this is all too real in the real world. The author did a great job at conveying Tony’s internal struggle.

Relationships are all different and complicated. Give this book a try. You will not be disappointed.

You can buy Hat Trick here:


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