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Jade Buchanan Has Dropped In To Play Along, And Yes, There’s A Giveaway!

Hi there! Thanks for letting me play today!

I wanted to talk about my current WIP, Broken Distance in my Broken series at MLR Press. The Broken series consists of two novels and two short stories set between Calgary, Alberta and Northern Ontario and tells the tales of the trials and tribulations of a few men coming to terms with who they are and who they love. The first book, Broken Rules, was a friends to lovers story featuring Jonah and Neil. Jonah had been kicked out of his home when his parents found out he was gay and he never dreamt that he might find love with his best friend years later when he returned home for his mothers funeral. The second story, Broken Silence, told the tale of Rich, a closeted bar owner and the very man Jonah was caught with a decade ago, and Matthew, an out and proud nurse who falls in love despite himself. Broken Boughs brought us back to Neil and Jonah and a very important question Neil wanted to ask his lover and the fourth book, Broken Wings brought us back to Ontario and featured Nathan and Tim, ex-boyfriends who wanted to see if second chances were possible.

The next story in the Broken series is Broken Distance. It features David and Jacob, two men who come from very different backgrounds, but are drawn together by a mutual attraction. When they discover they have more in common than they thought (namely, David’s big overprotective brother who happens to be a coworker of Jacob’s) they have to decide if their mutual lust can lead to something more. Here’s a little taste of it!

Broken Distance by Jade Buchanan

David Brogan has had a lot of growing up to do since he moved away from home and started living with his brother, Neil. With wedding bells on Neil’s horizon, he’s even more anxious to find someone to love and accept him for who he is. He’s just got to stop making such poor choices first. Detective Jacob Tate falls for the firecracker from the first time he sees him. Only, discovering he’s the younger — much younger — brother of his friend isn’t exactly what he wanted to hear. Will David be able to change his mind? Or will his family’s interference drive them further apart?

Unedited Excerpt:

David didn’t know how long he’d been sitting outside before Neil came looking for him. At least he assumed Neil had come looking for him. Maybe he’d just wanted some fresh air after all the bullshit inside.

Neil walked over to the side of the porch where David was sitting on the ground. “What’s up?”

David shrugged.

“Come on, turd. I left my wedding to see how you were doing. Tell me what’s going on. What was all that inside?”

David shrugged again. “Nothing. Just go back inside and enjoy yourself. I didn’t ask you to come out here.”

“Yeah, and Jonah will have my nuts if I admit I came back in without beating the truth out of you. Spill.”

David sighed. He knew his brother. They’d be out here all night if he didn’t say anything. Either that or one of the others would come looking for him. He’d rather talk to Neil. He had a feeling Neil would understand a little better. “I don’t know what I’m doing. Everything I do I end up screwing up.”

Neil slid down to sit beside him. “That’s not true.”

David reached up and slid both hands through his hair in frustration before rubbing his face.

“It is! I just… Just tell me what to do. I’m so confused and I don’t know up from down. Just tell me what to do.” David looked up through his fingers, begging Neil to help him.

Neil threw his arm around David. “I can’t make this decision for you. I wish I could. But, it’s on you, turd.”

“If it was you, what would you do?”


David huffed out a breath. There had to be an easier way to do this. After everything that had happened inside, all the shit that had come out. He couldn’t do this alone. It was pretty apparent he was screwed up. “Please! I’m begging you, give me something. Just a direction. I’m so lost. I’m a fuck up. I always have been.”

Neil shifted so the arm that was slung around David tightened around his neck. “Alright, that’s enough. You say one more word like that and I’m taking you out to the tiger cage and beating the piss out of you. You’re perfect. And you know I’m not good at this stuff, so thanks for doing this to me, douchebag.”

David gave a watery chuckle, just like he knew Neil intended. “Yeah. You’re so great at this. Too bad Patrick didn’t come out. Or Jonah. Or creepy Mr. Jones.”

“Mr. Jones was a pedophile. There’s no way he’d be better at this than me. And he’s not even at my wedding. Okay, just give me a sec. Look, I’m not making this choice for you, and I honestly don’t know what I’d do in your shoes. Because I don’t know the whole story. I’ve only heard bits and pieces. And no, that wasn’t an invitation to unload the whole story on me. But, the facts, DB, are that you’re not a screw up. Would I love a screw up? No. So, there you go.”

David blinked in confusion. “That’s your advice? I can’t be a screw up because you say I’m not?”

“I said more than that. It was good advice. I give awesome advice. I got you smiling, didn’t I? So, I can’t be that bad at it.”

“I’m telling mom.”

Neil flailed his free arm. “Shit, don’t do that! What the hell? I’m trying to help here.”

David started to stand up, only to be hampered by Neil grabbing him around the waist. He dragged his brother along the ground for a step before collapsing back into Neil. He ended up sprawled across Neil’s lap, both of them giggling like lunatics.

“Seriously? I asked you to come out here and check on your brother, not do whatever dirty things you’re doing right now.”

David looked up to spy Jonah standing above them with his arms crossed and one eyebrow lifted in exasperation. It immediately set David into giggles again.

“Help! Stranger danger, stranger danger! Help me, Jonah! The bad man tried to touch me.” David yelled.

Neil pushed him up and over until David was laying on the ground. “That’s it. I’m done with you before mom and dad come over here.” Neil brushed off his hands before going over to hug Jonah to his side. “And babe, you know I only do dirty dirty things with you. I’ve got the ring that proves it.”


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For more information about the Broken series, or any of my other stories, you can check out my website: http://www.jadebuchananbooks.com/books/the-broken-trilogy/


Thanks again!


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  1. Thanks for playing along, everyone. Jade’s contest is now closed and the winner has been drawn.

    stephen dawson, I dunno about your luck, but it seems pretty good to me! Congratulations, you’re the lucky reader in this giveaway!

    You’ll be hearing from Jade soon for prize delivery. :)


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