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Lust Rules In “Blood Ties”

“Because no one has more thirst for earth, for blood, and for ferocious sexuality than the creatures who inhabit cold mirrors.” ― Alejandra Pizarnik

My vampire book this week was Blood Ties. I was excited to read it because second to shifters, vampires are my favorite! There is something primal and very sexual about vampires. For example, biting and marking. Need I say more?

Blood Ties was an okay book but it was missing that special something that makes a book hard to put down.

The vampire story followed the usual formula: A sexy, hunky vampire warrior, Thomas Vanderguard, sees a man, Daniel Alexander, in a crowded bar and has to have him. From the start, there is a mutual attraction. Thomas’ lover was killed over two hundred years ago and he hasn’t gotten over him. He tries to deny his attraction to Daniel and tries to push him away. But lust always wins out in the end. When they do get together, the sex is good, but I wanted more and I thought the author could have fleshed out this part of the story more. I liked reading about them.

There’s a war between two vampire factions. The Tutelaries, the good vamps that Thomas leads and The Gemmelli’s, the bad vamps. The conflict’s been raging for centuries with many casualties. Thomas’ uncertainty about Daniele stems from his years of fighting. He’s worried that Daniele will be killed just like his previous lover.

The plot was pretty predictable. Nothing new was added to the vampire lore. I wanted to know more of the back-story to the story. For me, it makes the story richer. What I found annoying is there was no info on when and where this story takes place and very little detail on setting. The writing wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great, and I liked the dialog between the main leads but the dialog between supporting characters wasn’t great.

Blood Ties is your usual, run of the mill vampire story. Not bad but not exactly great.

You can buy Blood Ties here:


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