B.G. Thomas, Dreamspinner Press

“Anything Could Happen” If We Don’t Give Up On Our Dreams

We all have hopes and dreams that we do almost anything to make real. And if we get lucky, and our wish is granted, maybe that’s what we call happiness.” ― Sakura

Austin Shelbourne has spent his life in small town America. He had hopes and dreams just like the rest of us. He wanted to be an actor, he wants to make his family proud of him and he wants true love. Austin thought he had found true love but when he acted on it, he lost the most important thing in his life. Todd Burton was Austin’s best friend in the whole world. They have known each other pretty much their whole life and when Austin figures out he likes boys “that way”, he also realizes that he loves his best friend. One day he decides to act on that love and Todd runs away from him and from everything they have ever known together. Eventually Austin hears a rumor that Todd has moved to Kansas City, and he knows he has to follow. He has to find out if there is a chance, no matter how small, that Todd might return his feelings.

Austin’s grandparents support his move and help him find a place to live with his Great Uncle Boden. When he arrives he not only learns some interesting facts about “Uncle Bodie”, but he admits to some truths about himself as well. On the very day he arrives at his Uncle’s house, he meets a man that will change his life in ways he can never imagine.

Guy Campbell is a writer, actor, set creator and basically a jack of all trades in the theater. He helps his neighbor Boden prepare for the arrival of his Great Nephew Austin by moving some furniture and offering to help move Austin’s belongings in for him. Maybe Guy should have been preparing himself for seeing Austin. For Guy, it was love at first sight. He thought Austin was the most beautiful man he had ever seen. He had high hopes for himself and Austin. That is, until he finds out that Austin is on a crusade to find his true love so they can live happily ever after.

Guy and Austin are both fully taken with one another and the heat factor between them is off the charts, even without physical intimacy. Austin is torn between his long abiding crush on Todd, and Guy wants Austin more than should be legal, but he doesn’t want to be second choice. What happens if he makes Austin his and then Todd shows up and rips him away?

This story is a journey of discovery for Austin and Guy both. Watching these two dance around each other and seeing their bond grow stronger day by day was fascinating and very heartwarming. There is love in this story and there is loss in this story. There is happiness and sadness and best of all, there IS closure. Austin and Guy both also see some of their dreams come true. and they put some nightmares to rest.

This is a well rounded and very well written story. I would highly recommend this book and the others that tie in with it. If you haven’t read anything by B.G. Thomas before, I would highly recommend reading the stories that include the men that have cameos in this book. Start out with All Alone in a Sea of Romance to meet Jude and Tommy, then Bianca’s Plan will introduce Curtis and Gavin. Lastly, The Boy Who Came in From the Cold will have you meeting a very familiar couple indeed. I am interested to see where Mr. Thomas will take us next. Make sure you come along for the ride.

You can buy Anything Could Happen here:


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