Poppy Dennison, Wilde City Press

Go Grab This “Accidental Alpha” On Purpose

“Wolves are not ruled by law. They are ruled by the alpha-wolf’s policy.” – Richard Kelly Hoskins

First of all, to get the formalities out of the way……Lex is a policeman taking a break from his strenuous life. He wants to be left alone and is looking for as few complications in his life as possible. A wondering toddler strays onto his property and as he is trying to figure out where the little guy belongs, is bitten by the toddler. Little does he know that this bite not only makes him a werewolf but transfers the position of alpha onto him. Lex’s new pack is very dysfunctional and is in sore need of a strong leader which is a position that given Lex’s stand alone attitude he is reluctant to assume. Throw in the antagonist in the form of the affable, charming, and handsome Spencer and you have the beginnings of a great story.

This opening novel to a series by Dennison is absolutely captivating. I consumed this story in one sitting, not able to put it down. The characters are likeable, believable and just downright sexy. If you are looking for a story with a lot of meat, coupled with some just downright hot, steamy romance, then this is certainly a must read. Yes, I know that paranormal romance is certainly not the cup of tea for many a reader, but this story transcends the paranormal and becomes a story about relationships, family, and belonging. This story shows that isolating oneself is very futile and that we all need a place to belong.

Dennison is certainly coming into her own as one of the major forces in gay romance writing, and, in fact, if I was composing a syllabus of must reads for the gay romance genre, Accidental Alpha, would be at the forefront of that list. So students…read Accidental Alpha you will be glad that you did, and it will be much discussed for years to come.

You can buy Accidental Alpha (Pack Partners #1) here:


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