AR Moler, Torquere Press

“Burning Now” Is A Burning Mystery Up To The Very End

“Love is not maximum emotion. Love is maximum commitment.” ― Sinclair B. Ferguson

I never read anything by this author but have heard good things, so I was pretty excited to read story. This was such a unique story in the sense that I had never read about a shape shifter who was a fire bird.

Vanya, a different kind shape shifter gets himself into a little trouble and is rescued by Gideon, a local firefighter. Gideon is absolutely fascinated by this man he found in the burning building and wants to find out more about him. Vanya has no recollection whatsoever of how he got there and together they are determined to find out.

For such a short story, this one really feels complete. You not only have the love interest of Vanya and Gideon, there is also a complicated mystery in which both characters become involved. I loved how the author dealt with both of these issues without it becoming too mixed up. Some stories have the mystery overtaking the whole story while leaving the love story on the sideline and vice versa. With this one, I felt everything was on an even keel. You really got the sense that these two characters were just meant for each other. Even when Vanya came out to Gideon by showing him what he truly is, yes there was a little freaking out but it wasn’t a long drawn out process of denial on Gideon’s part. I believe the author handled that situation realistically and had the characters talk it out like real people.

The mystery aspect of the story really had me guessing right along with the characters on what the hell was going on. I loved their determination on getting the answers, and they worked so well together in finding out the truth.

Overall, I enjoyed both Vanya and Gideon. They are both adorable and I highly recommend this to everyone.

You can buy Burning Now here:


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