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Follow Sara York Into The “Colorado Wild”

“You can love someone so much…But you can never love people as much as you can miss them.” ― John Green

What is a service member to do when they feel the job they do just isn’t enough? They don’t want to quit, but there has to be a way to make a real difference. This thinking is what brought about the creations of Wild Bluff Ranch. You see, the cowboys that tend the herds and fix the fences on the Wild Bluff are more than they appear. They are prior servicemen that have “special skills”. When you work for the government you don’t get a choice of whether to neutralize a target. A lot of people that don’t deserve to live get a pass. Well, there are no “passes” issued on the Wild Bluff.

In this first book of the series, we meet the men of Wild Bluff, but the story centers around four of the current residents and one man that could leave them all exposed. We first meet Grant Stovall, who is pining after his ex-lover. Grant believes that one day he will return to him, but he is the only man in the house that believes it. When the new recruit Roger Burk arrives, Grant is torn between his love and heartache for his ex and the immediate attraction he feels toward Roger.

Roger Burk arrives at the ranch with visions of saving the world and memories of a dead lover. Just like Grant he is immediately attracted to the man, but both of these guys are fighting their urges, holding on to the past tighter than anyone should. It seems like every time they take one step closer to one another they end up taking two steps back. When Grant leaves for a mission, Roger realizes how much the man has come to mean to him while Grant is coming face to face with some ugly truths of his own in England.

We also meet another pair of men in this book. Billy Bradford and Tucker Hayes have been “besties” for a while now. While Billy is out and proud, Tucker is straight as an arrow, or so everyone believes. When Tucker is shot while on a mission, Billy decides he has to let the man know how he feels about him. So, with no forethought, Billy kisses Tucker and it goes a lot better than he thought it would. Instead of running away, Tucker shares his mutual feelings with Billy. These two men have a lot of hurdles in their way, the largest of which is Tucker’s upbringing.

The men of Wild Bluff Ranch find out that a man they all thought they could trust may have stabbed each of them in the back. It is up to one member of the team to find out the extent of the betrayal and to decide if this betrayer gets to live or die.

I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the men on the ranch and I can’t wait to see what Sara York has up for us next. This book does end with a teensy tiny cliff hanger and I, for one, am excited to see where the next book in the series will take us.

There are some wonderful secondary characters that seem like they are going to be fun to get to know. As with Sara’s other books, this one is full of smexy moments that are filled with so many emotions I could almost feel these men falling in love. This is a book you won’t want to miss, so come on out and spend a bit of time with the men of Wild Bluff Ranch. You won’t regret it.

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