Avery Dawes, Torquere Press

There’s A Little Drama To Be Found In “Drama on Skyline Drive”

“Words are the voice of the heart.” ― Confucius

In this sweet short story, we get to visit again with Mason and Jax, the two MCs from Mountain Memories. In the past months, Mason has moved across the country to be closer to Jax and gotten a job at Shenandoah National Park. His days are filled with ridiculous amounts of crazy situations all caused by the “tourons”, as Mason calls the tourists. Mason is happier than he has ever been before and with DOMA being overturned, he is ready to take the next step, as far as he is concerned, with Jax.

When he finally gets a few free moments to talk to Jax about it, he is surprised at the fact that he and Jax aren’t on the same page with this issue. As the discussion starts to get heated, Mason is called out to an emergency rescue and Jax goes along with him. While taking care of this emergency, these two figure out where they stand and how they feel for one another, and that leads to them having an honest discussion and hopefully moving toward a happy ending.

I truly enjoyed reading Mountain Memories, so getting to see these guys again was a treat. The only negative thing I can think of with this book is I wish it was longer. By the end of this sweet short story it seems like our guys are on their way to a HEA. I hope the author gives us at least one more book so we can see it.

I recommend this book, but really you should read the first book before reading this one.

You can buy Drama on Skyline Drive here:


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