Kensington Press, Tom Mendicino

Take A Crack At “KC, at Bat”

“Things change and friends leave. And life doesn’t stop for anybody.” ― Stephen Chbosky

BLURB: Charlie Beresford would rather be doing anything this summer than hauling furniture for a moving company. Come September, he’ll be leaving for college, away from the awkwardness of Augustinian Academy, away from his father’s constant hints about prospective girlfriends. Then Kevin Conroy—the Mighty KC—joins the moving crew. A star baseball player bound for the big leagues, Charlie is shocked when cool, confident KC suggests hanging out, especially when KC asks him to stay over—and the happiness their connection brings Charlie.

But the summer is changing Charlie—putting muscles on his skinny frame, compelling him to face hard truths, showing him how it feels not just to lose your heart but to break someone else’s. Funny, sweet, and moving, Tom Mendicino’s insightful coming-of-age story perfectly evokes that moment when you stop living life from the safety of the bleachers—and finally step up to home plate.


Review: I have to admit, I have found myself enthralled with YA stories lately. There is just something about reading the stories of young people finding out who they are and getting their first taste of love. It is also wonderful seeing them overcome their insecurities and grow stronger while learning life isn’t always fair.

This book is the story of two young men that start spending a lot of time together the summer before heading out to college. KC was the baseball star at the prep school he and Charile attended. Charlie was the skinny, nerdy geek. The summer after graduation KC and Charlie meet up again while working for a local moving company and they start to grow close. Charlie and KC make a connection and from the outside looking in I could tell that it meant a lot to both boys, but KC didn’t make it clear to Charlie.

Unfortunately when summer ended the two young men went their separate ways and life took them in two different directions. Charlie tried to keep in touch, but felt blown off. When KC reached out Charlie was just slightly full of himself and didn’t do all he could to reconnect. Near the end of the book Charlie realizes his mistake but it may be too late to fix. Charlie did a lot of growing up in this book, I just wish some of it had happened sooner. KC was a very sad young man and it seems the only happiness he found was while playing baseball and the time he spent with Charlie. This isn’t a traditional love story but I would still highly recommend it.

I sincerely hope Tom Mendicino plans to write more about these two. I don’t feel their story is nearly done. This book does not have a HEA and it does not have a HFN ending. It really seems more of a to be continued ending, and I for one can’t wait to see if the story gets finished.

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One thought on “Take A Crack At “KC, at Bat”

  1. From what I recall, Tom plans to write more about KC. I think this is the first in a trilogy, but maybe Tom will chime in here. My memory ain’t what it used to be. Really loved this book as well as Probation. I’m a fan of Tom Mendicino’s writing and find his books always honest and straightforward.


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