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Amber Kell Doesn’t Bite…Hard. No, Really! And She Wants To Give Away An Awesome Prize!


Hello future GRL attendees! I have to admit GRL was the first conference I attended as a professional writer. I went to the GRL in New Orleans, which was a blast as it gave me an excuse to visit a city with my hubby without kids. (Shh, they don’t know what a great time we had.)

You’ll probably have a different routine than I do when you get ready for events. Mine usually starts with a panic attack that GRL is a few weeks away and I haven’t ordered my swag yet. I then inform my children I am heartlessly abandoning them to their grandmother. Older son promptly plans his exit strategy, calling in favors from his friends who owe him sleepovers. Younger son starts hopping in excitement, or because he has to pee, he likes to hop so it’s kind of hard to determine why sometimes. Hubby confirms that I did indeed get plane tickets and hotel reservations and it wasn’t a dream I had in a caffeine-fueled bout of creativity. Eventually I show up with swag, hubby and clothing (which isn’t optional even at GRL).

This is the third year I’m attending GRL. If you’ve never attended GayRomLit before I’ll give you one piece of advice. Talk to people, especially your favorite authors. We wouldn’t have shown up if we didn’t want to see our fans. If we appear standoffish it could be because we don’t handle social situations well. Some authors aren’t comfortable in crowds, so you’ll find them hanging out in a quiet corner. Go say hi. Introduce yourself. Ask them about their latest project. Some authors don’t like to talk about themselves, but get them started on what their favorite character is up to and…well you might need a chair and a big drink before they’re finished.

I have to admit I’m not a social animal. Give me a rainy day and my laptop, and I can happily spend hours tapping away on my keyboard. Hubby says it’s good to get out. Something about me turning into a hermit or…I don’t know, I sort of stopped listening the third time I heard the speech. I go to GRL to meet with my author friends who I don’t get to see in person often, and to visit with my fans who I see even less.

This year in Atlanta I’m once again dragging my hapless hubby along, if nothing else because it’s fun to watch him blush. Though I have to admit the game he picked out for my author spotlight with Stephani Hecht and RJ Scott had me blushing. Say hi to him. He’ll be the one with the cane, pointing people toward me so I can’t escape socializing.

Most of all have fun. We’re a friendly bunch. Most of us don’t bite and are happy to chat with anyone who wanders our way.




bondedbroken_800My latest release is Bonded Broken part of the Thresl Chronicles series.

Book Four in the The Thresl Chronicles series.

Friln had always counted on his lover to be there when things go wrong. But when one brief moment of death breaks his bond with his Thresl mate, he loses the only thing in the world he needs to make him happy.
For the past ten years Friln, the king’s Captain of the Guard, has lived with and loved his Thresl mate Nelrin. When an assassination attempt catches Friln in the crossfire, he is killed. In the brief moment before he’s revived, the bond to his lover is shattered.

At Friln’s death Nelrin loses everything. Bereft of the only person he’s ever loved, Nelrin turns back into his cat form and runs away. Unfortunately he falls into the hands of a pair of scientists who have different plans than redemption for the Thresl race.

Readers can contact me at or visit my blog at


138 thoughts on “Amber Kell Doesn’t Bite…Hard. No, Really! And She Wants To Give Away An Awesome Prize!

  1. kirifox01 says:

    How have I not seen this set of books?!? These are right up my ally…supernatural creatures and deep connections. Please enter me in your drawing. I will be looking you up at GRL to say hi!


  2. Hi Amber! Looking forward to meeting you in ATL next week. You’re so very right about channeling your inner social butterfly – so many wonderful people to meet and friends to make. Safe travels to all. LE


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  4. Tammy Skinner says:

    I can’t wait to meet you at GRL, I just bought Bonded Broken, I love the Thresl Chronicles, one of my favorite series. Please keep writing them, cause I promise I will keep buying them. LOL. Have a great day.


  5. First love your books, i so wish to go to GRL one day although i don’t do so well in crowds either. Hope you have a great day, although i’m curious about this game for your author spotlight.


  6. Demetra says:

    One year I’d love to visit GRL. Amber I must say I have all your books and looking forward to reading all future stories as well


  7. Monique says:

    I so want to go but alast I can’t. I wanted to get you to sign so e books. GRL I hear it’s a blast. I hope they go back to NOLA so I can attend.


  8. Antonia says:

    I wish I were going to GRL, but unfortunately I can’t. Hope you have a great time, despite not being very social. I completely understand that – I get told that I shouldn’t turn into a hermit too. Thanks for the chance to win!


  9. Carlotta says:

    You’re coming to Atlanta? When and where and how have I missed this bit of info?. Squealing in delight I have to be there!!!!!


  10. Diane A says:

    Amber’s is right, don’t be afraid to say hello to people, last year was my first GRL and I went between being shy and just approaching people – and I got to meet Amber – yay!!! (for those of you going and wondering, she’s very nice and did not appear standoffish!!!). All the authors are so friendly and because I was willing to say hello to a fellow attendee who I connected with on a Goodreads chat, we’ve remained friends and will be roomies at this year’s GRL! It’s a lot of fun and I hope everyone gets a chance to go at some point! They move it around so if not this year, next year it may be in a city near you! You also meet people who have the review sites, publishers, get to buy books if you want a book signed (be careful of this, I had to get a second suitcase last year!) and have fun with the swag!!! And yes, I’m going this year and very much looking forward to it!
    And yes, please enter me in the contest as well! diall (at) shaw (dot) ca


  11. Lourielys Marquez Carrasquillo says:

    Love all of your books :D please count me in for your giveaway I still need to read the Cob brothers lol ;) have a great time with your friends and fans


  12. Jim Evans says:

    These books are incredible! The first book in the series hooks you, and then you hang on for the ride!

    I wish I had known about that GRL convention here in New Orleans, Amber! I would have brought you your favorite cocktail, and we would have talked about anything and everything. I’m not real crazy about social situations, and I can understand how many people have a hard time with them.



  13. cherri says:

    Hi Amber !!!! I can’t wait to see u again at GRL. Even with a head cold last year I had so much fun. I love all ur books and wait on pins and needles for every single one lol. I hope u have a great day !!!!


  14. Kristy G. says:

    Amber I have to say that I love the Moon Pack series and I love the Thresl series also. I always look forward to what you have written I am never disappointed in your books. Have a safe trip.


  15. Karen says:

    So wish I was going to be at GRL, I’d love to meet you. Hope you have a great time there. I look forward to reading your work. Please enter me in the drawing for this very generous prize!


  16. Matt says:

    Cant wait to read this onr just finished book three the other day and I have to say thr only problem with your books Amber is I always want more!


  17. Melissa I. says:

    I love the Thresl series. I can’t wait to read Bonded Broken. Now I’m curious as to what game your hubby picked that would have you blushing.


  18. Toni says:

    I have read pretty much all your series! I have to say I really enjoy your books and always look forward to when the next one in a series will be coming out! The only part is that it doesn’t come out fast enough. But that is alright for it will be out and I just can’t wait lol. Enjoy your time at the GRL!


  19. Kathie says:

    First time at GRL. First time in Georgia Also bringing husband ! Not sure what to expect! But going to try really hard to get out of my comfort zone!


  20. Donna P says:

    Hello. I have almost all your books. now I need this one. can’t wait. I love all of them. I’m having a hard time trying to see which one is my favor. Keep it up.


  21. Kat says:

    Love all your books Amber and am so looking forward to the newest Thresl Chronicles. :-
    Hope you and everyone lucky enough to attend have a fabulous time at GRL.
    kalimar2010 @


  22. Christy Williams says:

    I love your writing. Of course I have read the Thresl series. I have truly turned into a stalker, never thought it would happen but it did. As soon as I see on your blog a new release I am immediately going to the website that I can get my copy the faster. Always get the preorder specials when available.I love your work, and will be a lifelong fan. So keep them coming!


  23. Christina Az. says:

    I really need to get my gear on and read the latest of the Thresl series and can’t wait for the 4th book :) Cheers
    nonexicted @ yahoo dot gr


  24. Stephanie says:

    Hi Ms. Kell!
    I’m actually a new reader to your works and have fallen hopelessly in love with your Moon Pack series and your Banded Brothers series. I haven’t gotten to read any of the other series yet, but I’m looking forward to them. I really just wanted to tell you how much I have loved your stories. I read for about an hour every night just to de-stress from my day and your books really let me escape into another world.


  25. Elaine McMichael says:

    Atlanta is so close & I have a lot of favorite authors attending but I won’t be able to go. Have tons of fun & enjoy your self. I love your books & happily look forward to reading them!


  26. younela says:

    Hope you have a great time at GRL. Apart from not meeting any of the authors whose work I so admire, I think not meeting Ambers Hubby is my biggest disappointment he sounds so cool.


  27. kindlekrazek says:

    I’ve enjoyed the books of yours that I’ve read, and I’d enjoy winning the gift certificate so I can enjoy more of them. And I hope you enjoy GRL. :)


  28. gamistress66 says:

    Have fun at the conference. I’m enjoying the Thresl series — you’ve created an interesting “world” in it and I look forward to moreof it (as well as others of your series) :-)


  29. Bobbi says:

    Hey Amber I love this series haven’t read Broken Bond yet am moving and you know what that means. Maybe next year I can make it to GRL as I will be living in the lower 48 by then


  30. Erin W. says:

    Amber, thank you for your books and for being social, even when it is out of your “zone”! I really love your work and as a fellow homebody, I admire your commitment to your fans!!


  31. Absolutely ADORE all your books Amber!! Now I have another series to add to me TBR!! I loved the first Thresl book so I’m sure the series ROCKS!! All your books ROCK!!! Thanks for telling us so much about GRL! I would love to go someday!!
    Thanks for the great giveaway and all the great books you write!!
    Ashley A


  32. Nancy S says:

    Can’t go to Atlanta, I’m being held hostage by a tiny budget. Kissing Orion sequel? Next in Underwolves? Swans? Zombie infestation? Just a few of the burning questions I would ask if I were there. Count me in please.


  33. Karen J. says:

    Of course I have it and loved it, waiting for the next book in the undervolves, and moon pack, which is my all time favorite as it was the first series I started with in your books.


  34. Wendy Hain says:

    Amber your one of the my favorite writers. Wish I could be at GRL. Just relax have fun and enjoy your fans. You are well loved. I love all your books. Thanks for your many books. I will buy any book with your name you are that great. If you need any write ups on any book count on me.


  35. CinnaMinion says:

    The series is awesome. I’m dying for Duke Betrayed already. You’ve utterly ruined me Amber. I just want you to know that. Also now I’m going to have to look into going to GRL next year as this year it’s just a bit too late in the game for me.


  36. Bobbi says:

    I wish I could attend GRL!!! But I do love your books. I don’t think I’ve missed any yet, and I just need to wait for payday to buy the Thresl one. Would love the chance to win your prize.


  37. maryfox66 says:

    Would like to go, but I have to work. You are my favorite writer of romance and I would love to meet you. I don’t bite but might talk your ears off. Lol


  38. Katrina says:

    Hi Amber, have fun at GRL!!! I would love to go some yr but I think my family would be upset if I canceled our family vacation in Oct every yr. Lol…I would love to meet you and my other favorite authors someday.


  39. Angie D says:

    I can sympathize with the non socializing part, I think it’s wonderful that you go in spite of that. The only problem with your books is….there’s not enough of them, lol!! :-D Really looking forward to the next in this series too, can’t wait! Have a good time at GRL and thanks for all the great work.


  40. Allison says:

    This will be my first GRL and I am anxious but I’m already thinking that maybe I’ll have so much fun I want to the next one! Thank you for the post and the giveaway.


  41. charisstoma says:

    You are taking/have taken over my Kindle. Your site with coming future books, the near future I HOPE, leaves me in pain that they aren’t available yet.


  42. Marla says:

    Love your books. Always look forward to reading them. Hard to wait patiently for the new ones :) Thanks for writing such fantastic stories!


  43. barb hite says:

    Write FAST- I need more of your work… love the quirks, humor, passion and fun. You are my daily vacation… thanks and continued success.. b


  44. Avalie says:

    I’m enjoying the Thresl chronicles and your blog is one of very few I visit regularly. Don’t know how you manage to write so much and do all the blogging as well. Awesome prize!


  45. Ashley E says:

    Glad to know I’m not the only one who goes into panic mode when suddenly realizing something is almost upon me. What? When did that sneak up?


  46. Lynn.C says:

    The Thresl Chronicles is great! I really loved the last book and i’m hoping Duke Betrayed is published soon!! :)
    The cover is soo gorgeous~

    Enjoy GRL~


  47. I love all your books and the Thresl Chronicles is an amazing series like all the rest. I would love to go to these events but as I’m bed bound a lot with pain I just can’t. So I will just live them vicariously though you and my other wonderful authors on FB. Have a fantastic time. All the best. Maria


  48. CinnaMinion says:

    I’ll probably go to GRL next year as this year is a bit too late for me to make arrangements. On another note I still haven’t started Bonded Broken because every time I read the summary I get sad. I know it won’t stay sad but it will be a little sad, possibly really super sad in some parts and my brain keeps going ‘Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.’


  49. Well, Ms. Amber is officially the winner of the Most Entered Giveaway award ever, but handled the difficult task of choosing the winner just fine, and the winner of the $50 Gift Card is…


    Congratulations to you! I’m emailing Amber right now with your contact information, so expect to hear from her soon. :)


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