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Capture “His Wayward Heart” As Soon As You Can

“Everyone has something they can’t live without.” ― Cassandra Clare

What happens when you fall head over heels in love with your best friend in junior high? What happens when said friend is also your first kiss, your first lover and your on again/off again bed partner? You would assume that these two men would end up living their HEA together in wedded bliss right? WRONG!

Lake Daugherty fell in love with his best friend William Cohen pretty much as soon as he realized he liked boys “that way”. William or Lim, as Lake calls him, was Lake’s first kiss, first lover and his first and only love. So why aren’t these two men blissfully happy together? Well, Lake has never put words to his feelings and has sat back and watched Lim go from man to man, looking for his forever guy. He finally realizes that Lim will never love him back and Lake decides he has to move on and put some space between them.

William Cohen has been searching for that elusive someone that will be his life partner. He seems to move from man to man in this search, and he misses what is right in front of him. That is until Lake starts to pull away and seems to be moving on with someone else. When William arrives at Lake’s tea shop and sees Lake kissing another man, a few undeniable facts become clear.

While William is dating one man and Lake is dating another, they are both fighting an attraction that they can’t or won’t admit to the other. Eventually, Lake has had enough of Lim overlooking him and decides to cut him out of his life for good this time. No friendship and definitely no more friends with benefits, Lake’s heart won’t be able to take it again when William casts him aside for the next great thing that come along.

Once Lake is gone, Lim starts to realize what he may be losing. Maybe Lake could be more than a friend, maybe he always has been and William just didn’t see it. What will he have to do to make Lake believe that he could be THE ONE?

It was very entertaining to watch these two work through their issues. There was help from some very unlikely sources and it was almost comical to see their reactions to each other when they took their blinders off. If you like an angsty friends-to-lovers story with some super sexy moments that could melt your e-reader, this is exactly the book for you. I don’t think I can recommend this book highly enough.

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