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Beware: The “Rising Frenzy” Is Just That Good

“We all want to be extraordinary and we all just want to fit in. Unfortunately, extraordinary people rarely fit in.” ― Sebastyne Young

Not many sequels can match their predecessor or even surpass them. But I think Rising Frenzy might have done the job! Rising Frenzy is everything that a sequel should be: exciting, engrossing, sexy and most of all, really good! Brandon Witt hit this one out of the park. Loved this book!

**Warning: This Review Contains Spoilers!**

I can’t review Rising Frenzy without mentioning Submerging Inferno, the first book in the Men of Myth trilogy. Inferno sets the stage for Frenzy. The two books are intertwined and must be read in sequence to get the full effect. Inferno introduced us to a whole new world and Frenzy plunges us with lightning speed into this world. Brett and Finn’s relationship, albeit short, was the main focus of Inferno, while Frenzy shows us their lives apart from each other. And this sweet love story is replaced by a sexy raunchy tale.

Rising Frenzy is the story of Finn’s and Brett’s separate lives and their struggle to move on. Oh, and how upset I was when I realized that they were not getting back together!! Yet!! I hope!! There’s the set up for the next book and plots involving supporting characters but at its heart, its Brett and Finn’s story.

Brett finds his merman roots, his father, his tribe and his place in the world. But his new family has the same issues with his sexuality as his old one. He makes a conscious decision to suppress a very important part of himself. After being without a family for so long he wants to belong and this is what he thinks he must do. Brett’s resignation is heartbreaking. He also buries his feelings for Finn a little too easily. Much too easily for my liking!

On the other hand, Finn falls into a deep depression. He pulls himself away from his family and deeper into the seedier side of the supernatural. The Square, a sort of twisted Times Square, consumes more and more of his life but through The Square he meets Schwint. Schwint is a real fairy who consumes Finn in a different way. They fall hard and fast for each other. Ok I have to put this out there. I love, love Schwint. He is beyond sexy! But and here is the big but, Finn belongs with Brett and Schwint needs his own book! Maybe it can be a threesome with a vampire and werewolf. Just making a suggestion. :) We see the birth of a new relationship. I loved the flirting, the newness of two people getting to know each other, the sexual tension in each look and touch. While Brett lives like a eunuch, Finn is determined to experience every sexual debauchery there is! The chemistry between Schwint and Brett was extremely hot. The sex was done just right! But again, Brett and Finn belong together!!! I’m still obsessing about this! So, Mr. Witt, you will have to write a couple of alternate endings for me. :)

Only one word can describe the writing in this book: incredible! Mr. Witt is a great storyteller. His words create amazing visuals. The dialog was superb and flowed without any awkwardness. He needs to write a script and make these books into a movie.

Is it too obvious that I loved this book? Trust me, you will too! 5 stars, enough said!

You can buy Rising Frenzy (Men of Myth #2) here:


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