Dreamspinner Press, K.C. Wells

“Trusting Thomas” Is A Journey To Healing

“It’s not the wound that teaches, but the healing.” ― Marty Rubin

What happens when a young, curious, inexperienced man goes to a BDSM club to find out what the scene is all about? Well, there are a few things that could happen. This young man could find a well versed Dom that could train him correctly in the BDSM world, he could realize the whole scene just isn’t for him or he could come into contact with his worst nightmare. It seems the last option is what happened to Peter Nicholson and this chance encounter changes his life for the next few years, and not for the better.

While spending time at a local BDSM club, Steven Drummond observes a young sub who seems to have been abused. After finding out who his Dom is and where they live, Steven decides that he has to save this young man. He just has to figure out where to get him help. After much thought, Steven decides his old friend Thomas Williams would be just the person to help this sub out.

Thomas Williams is fifty-five years old. His life is full with running Collars & Cuffs, the BDSM club he is half owner of, and training subs and Doms. Thomas hasn’t had a relationship for a while and he certainly isn’t looking for anything permanent. When he gets a call from Steven and hears what Peter was put through with his last “Dom”, he knows he has to help this young sub.

When Peter arrives at Thomas’ place the two men embark on a journey of healing. Healing Peter physically and emotionally will not be a fast or easy process. Between teaching Peter the true form of BDSM, getting him to a psychiatrist so he can work through his emotions, and teaching him to trust again, it will take time, but Thomas is ready and willing to help him. With the help of Leo and Alex, Thomas’ business partner and his sub, Peter begins to heal and learn to trust.

Somewhere in the process of Peter’s recovery, he and Thomas have begun to bond as more than friends. Thomas begins to have feelings for Peter that he has never had for a sub before. The fact that he doesn’t want to let Peter go is confusing for him. What would a young man like Peter want with an old man like Thomas? The funny thing is, Peter wants Thomas as much as Thomas wants him.

Despite the age difference between them I was rooting for them to come together. Will Thomas allow his feelings for Peter to continue to grow and let them build a relationship, or will he let Peter go “for his own good”? I can’t let this cat out of the bag, but I will tell you that this isn’t a book you should miss. K.c. Wells has written a wonderful love story that evolves slowly over time and is truly beautiful.

You can buy Trusting Thomas here:


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