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He’s Baa-aaack… Jacob Z. Flores Is Here To Chase A Little Sun And Do A Little Rafflecopter Giveaway!


Why Chasing the Sun?

Tharp-Flores--(1179)__06_12_13Hi, everyone! My name is Jacob Z. Flores, and I couldn’t be happier to be back here at The Novel Approach. The always beautiful and exquisitely dressed Lisa is such a gracious host. There’s always a freshly poured alcoholic beverage waiting and a margarita machine churning behind the bar. She certainly knows how to make a guy feel welcome and how to get one a little drunk. And, believe me, I’m not complaining!

And then there are her fabulous reviewers—Jackie, Tina, Lynn, and my adorable hubbie, Bruce. I have yet to meet Lana, Kim, and BJ, but I hear they’re picking up the strippers. Anyone who brings me hot, oiled up men is definitely good people. Don’t you think?

So why am I here besides ogling the strippers and drinking Lisa out of house and home?

Well, I’m here to promote Chasing the Sun. It’s my latest book from Dreamspinner, which released on October 16. This novella is the second book of The Provincetown Series, and if you haven’t read the first book yet, don’t worry. The books don’t have to be read in order as each book in the series has different main characters, but the main characters in each book return as supporting characters in the other books. How fun is that? I know I hate it when a book ends, and I don’t get to see my favorite characters anymore. In the Provincetown Series, though, that doesn’t happen. I guarantee it.

But enough droning on!

I wanted to spend some time today explaining why I titled the second book Chasing the Sun.

In the book, chasing the sun becomes a metaphor for trying to achieve dreams others deem as impossible. Although it’s sad, it happens all the time. How many times in life have you heard the phrase: “that can’t be done”? Or how many times has someone uttered: “that’s just an unrealistic pipe dream”?

It happens more often than we care to admit. There are always those doubting Thomases in life, those people who are so pragmatic and/or pessimistic that they cannot conceive of anyone pursuing a goal they are too afraid to chase.

And that’s what Gil Kelly has been told his entire life. He’s been made to believe that his dreams, wants, and desires are impossible. That, however, didn’t stop him from trying to better himself. He worked his way out of middle class and became a physician even though it put him at odds with his blue-collar father. Gil possessed the confidence to go against what his father said and pursue his dreams.

The problem, though, is that Gil never pursued the most precious dream in his heart. He never believed he could find true love with a man. That is now the dream that Gil wants to pursue, but he is too afraid to do anything about it.

His mistakes shattered his family and alienated his children from him. Light has left Gil’s life as a result. He now lives in the darkness of guilt and shame, too afraid to step foot into the renewing rays of the sun.

But dawn breaks when Gil meets Tom, his son’s childhood best friend. A new day is on the horizon, and Gil has to decide whether to chase the sun once again and risk it all or remain in the safety of the shadows that have eclipsed his heart.

I want to thank everyone who stopped by today and read my post, and I also want to thank Lisa, Bruce, Tina, Jackie, Lynn, Lana, Kim, and BJ for putting up with me today. I had so much fun, I’m uncertain if I can drive home. Thankfully, the Speedo-wearing chauffer has agreed to drive me home.

But before I drive off into the sunset with Lisa’s manservant, who will likely never return, I wanted to let everyone know that I have included a blurb and an excerpt below. Additionally, as part of my blog tour I’m holding a contest, so be sure to check out the Rafflecopter entry form. At the end of the tour, a winner will be chosen to win a copy of Chasing the Sun and announced.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


As a physician and prominent citizen of Victoria, Texas, Dr. Gil Kelly took a hard fall when his vengeful wife revealed his infidelity with other men. Closing ranks around her, the town’s elite ostracized him, and his relationship with his children was nearly destroyed.

After spending his life focused on living for others, he has no idea how to live for himself. He wants to find love but now settles for anonymous sex that only further clouds his world with shame and guilt. Gil believes finding true love is an unobtainable dream, what his father used to call “chasing the sun.”

Then he runs into Tom Martinez, his son’s childhood best friend, who returned to town a grown man and offers everything Gil needs. But Gil hesitates to fall into Tom’s arms, because after his high-profile divorce, the potential scandal of loving a younger man could separate him from his children permanently.

Spin off of When Love Takes Over (1st Provincetown Series book)


When Gil opened the front door of his house to greet his guest, he turned mute.
Tom stood on the porch, wearing a black button-down shirt that accentuated the stubble and dark eyebrows on his handsome face. Gone was the young boy he remembered, until he looked deep within Tom’s soft brown eyes. There, Gil saw traces of the child within the confident, seductive man who appeared before him.

“I know I’m a few minutes early,” Tom said while holding aloft a bottle of wine. “I hope that’s not too terrible an imposition.”

“Not at all,” Gil finally replied as he stepped aside to let Tom cross the threshold. “Early is better than late.”

“That’s what I think,” Tom responded as he led the way to the kitchen.

Gil was pleased that Tom obviously still felt at home in his house, but he wasn’t thrilled that he found himself staring at the snug fit of Tom’s jeans around his sculpted ass.

He had been wrong earlier. Visiting Guy didn’t have the best ass he’d ever seen. That went to Tom, hands down.

“So, what’s cooking?” Tom asked from the kitchen, where he pulled two wine goblets out of the cabinet to the left of the stove. He evidently remembered how Gil arranged his kitchen.

“Steak Diane, asparagus, and mashed potatoes.”

“God, how I’ve missed your meat.” Tom stopped speaking and his cheeks flushed. “Uh, you know what I mean. It was always well cooked, perfectly seasoned. Besides my dad’s, yours was the best I ever tasted.” Tom smacked his forehead with the palm of his left hand. “I’ll stop talking now. I’m making it worse.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Gil chuckled. “I know what you meant. And thank you.”

Obviously unable to speak, Tom nodded as he handed Gil a glass full of wine and then poured himself an equally generous portion.

“Here’s to us,” Tom toasted. “To finally getting to reconnect.”

Gil clanked his glass against Tom’s. “Cheers!”

As he sipped, Tom arched his eyebrows. That usually meant he either had a question he wanted asked or answered.

“What’s on your mind?” Gil inquired.

“Just why have you been blowing me off these past five years?”

Crap. Tom had noticed. “I’m afraid the answer won’t endear me to you.”

“I’m just grateful you aren’t denying it,” Tom told him with another arch of his brows. “So what gives?”

Gil couldn’t tell him the true reason. That he’d simply found Tom too attractive. That he didn’t trust himself alone with Tom and feared he might come onto him. “I was embarrassed. I hadn’t seen you since… well, since my skeletons came pouring out of my closet. I wasn’t sure how you felt about me. Everyone else hated me. I figured you would too.”

“We all have skeletons.”

“True. But mine seem to walk around like zombies, refusing to die.”

“Depends on who’s reanimating them.”

“What does that mean?”

Tom took a long sip of his wine before answering. “Once secrets are revealed, they’re either kept alive by others whose sole purpose is to hurt us, or we keep them alive because we wish to hurt ourselves. Which one applies to you?”

“A little bit of both, I guess.”

Tom grinned. “I always pegged you as a masochist!”

Gil snorted and wine came out his nose. It set fire to his nasal cavities, but still he laughed. When he looked over at Tom after wiping his face, Tom was bent over in hysterics.

“See, a masochist. You got off on that!”

“I did not,” he protested with a laugh. “You just surprised me, that’s all. First you comment on how great my meat is, and then you call me a masochist.”

Tom laughed so hard he sat down. “Lord only knows how much abuse your meat gets when you’re tenderizing it, you masochistic freak!”

“My meat doesn’t complain,” Gil replied.

A twinkle suddenly danced in Tom’s eyes before it shot away. “I bet not.”

For a few moments, they were quiet, unsure what to say next. The conversation turned bawdy quite easily. How was he supposed to come back from that?

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  1. jenf27 says:

    I love the cover, too. And this line made me LOL – “God, how I’ve missed your meat.” Thanks for the excerpt and the giveaway!


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