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Get Some “Summer Lovin'” To Warm Up Your Autumn Nights

In the immortal words from Grease, with a little tweak:

“Summer loving had me a blast
Summer loving happened so fast
I met a boy crazy for me
Met a boy cute as can be
Summer days drifting away
To, oh, oh, the summer nights”

This Summer Lovin’ is truly a blast! A hot and sweet confection good enough on a cold winter’s night! “Lovin’” is an anthology worth reading. The main theme is summer romances that turn into something more when the weather turns colder. The stories fell into two categories: vacation flings and summer jobs. Mostly they are told from one point of view, and in just a short amount of words, the stories drew you in and held you there. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I cared for these characters and wanted them to have their happy endings. And yes, the sex was pretty satisfying but that all depends on the caliber of the authors.

The quality of the writing was exceptional. All of the writers know how to weave words in such a manner to keep the reader, me, in the story. I didn’t want these stories to end. But as summer turns into fall, the book had to end too. :(

Summer Lovin’ is a must read on a cold night. It’ll warm your body and heart.

You can buy Summer Lovin'” here:


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