Andrew Grey, Dreamspinner Press

This “Biochemistry” Experiment Proves Opposites Attract

“Opposites attract but the like-minded last.” – Author Unknown

We have all heard the opposites attract theory before, right? Well, this idea is what Andrew Grey expanded on in his latest book “Biochemistry”. We have the big, strong football player and the smaller uber-smart “geek”. There is an instant attraction, but will that be enough to overcome their huge differences?

When Kurt Maxwell first meets head quarterback Freddy Samuelson, they literally run into each other and Kurt becomes “short stuff” and Freddy is “ape boy”. To Kurt’s disbelief, “ape boy” ends up being in his Biochemistry class and unfortunately, his lab partner.

Freddy Samuelson has it all, or so it seems. He is the starting quarterback, his family is so rich there are buildings with his last name on them at the campus, and he is very popular. He knows he isn’t very smart, and his father has made it clear that football is all Freddy will ever do well. Since high school, Freddy has always been given his grades or gotten someone to do the work for him. When he ends up with Kurt as a lab partner, he quickly realizes this could be a blessing. Kurt is very smart and Freddy figures if he pays the kid, he will do his work for him. Too bad for Freddy Kurt isn’t willing to cheat, but he is willing to tutor Freddy.

Kurt is a very intelligent young man who has worked extra hard to get where he is. He has a full scholarship, and he has to study and keep his grades up to keep that scholarship. When Freddy suggests he do his work for him, Kurt is disbelieving to say the least. Instead, he decides to help Freddy learn to study and spends some time while working in the library to help Freddy out.

While working towards turning Freddy into a better student, a bond begins to form between the two of them and Freddy is forced to face up to a reality he has been hiding since he was young. His father has made it clear that being gay is unacceptable, and he will go to any lengths necessary to keep his son on the “straight” and narrow. Unfortunately for Freddy and Kurt, this means the feelings they have for one another seem doomed from the start.

After their first kiss Freddy runs. Kurt is hurt by this, but he understands and gives Freddy a second chance. The next time Freddy runs, though, Kurt is done. It will take some interference from all of their friends and some soul searching on Freddy’s part if these two are going to end up together. With a little help from Brendon and Josh, the MCs from Organic Chemistry, Freddy finds out he may have more options than he originally thought. He just has to convince Kurt he is worth a third chance.

Andrew Grey has created a wonderful little corner of nirvana at Dickinson College in PA. Keeping with his style, Andrew has created some very loveable and strong characters. In this story the strong character just happens to be the last one you would suspect. I truly enjoyed watching both of these young men go through positive changes in their personalities and grow both individually and together. Kurt helps Freddy find an inner strength that he never knew he had, and Freddy helps Kurt overcome his own self doubts. This is a great continuation to the Chemistry series and I can’t wait to see who we get to meet next.

You can buy Biochemistry (Chemistry: Book Two) here:


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