Dreamspinner Press, Lou Sylvre

There Is Only One Mission For Luki Vasquez: “Saving Sonny James”

“Life means so much more, when there’s someone.” – Lou Sylvre

Loving Luki Vasquez hasn’t always been easy for Sonny Bly James, but it’s always been worth the risk to have given his heart to the man who’s made of ice but melts at the sight of a husband he treasures above all else. This time around, that love is put to the ultimate test in Saving Sonny James, a story that picks up several months after a dramatic rescue in Finding Jackie, and finds Luki waging a war and loosing his footing against an adversary that won’t blink, no matter how hard he stares it down–PTSD–brought on by a snap decision in a life or death situation that put one young man on the losing side of Luki’s gun.

Finding the means to cope with the memories and nightmares isn’t easy, nor does it help when those nightmares bleed into reality and cause Luki to very nearly do harm to the one man who anchors his soul to the world and is his reason for everything. It’s a challenge he must, and ultimately will, face alone, when Sonny leaves for Paris to pursue a career opportunity and gives Luki the time and space he needs to exorcise his demons.

Two pasts come back to the present in this installment of the series, one to do harm and one to help, when a psychopath with a head full of poison and an obsession with Sonny becomes determined to possess the one thing that has eluded him for years. With help from an unexpected ally, Luki combs the streets and undergrounds of Paris in search of his husband, who has gone missing. It’s a race against time and is the catalyst that finally propels Luki to slay his demon memories and focus everything he is on saving Sonny from a madman.

Fans of the Vasquez & James series will find plenty to love in this installment of the series, one that’s 99% romance, the rest a blend of action and suspense that has become an exclamation point on the life these men lead. With more than a few nail-biting moments, Luki has been given the chance once again to show why he’s earned the badass reputation that makes criminals sorry he was ever given license to wield a weapon. He’s not merely cool under pressure, he’s cold to the bone, and when it comes to the man he loves, anyone stupid enough to stand between Luki and his man gets what he deserves.

You can buy Saving Sonny James (Vasquez & James: Book Four) here:


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