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Cardeno C.’s Latest Release Offers “More Than Everything”

“The heart was made to be broken.” ― Oscar Wilde

BLURB: As a teenager, Charlie “Chase” Rhodes meets Scott Boone and falls head over heels in love with the popular, athletic boy next door. Charlie thinks he’s living the dream when Scott says he feels the same way. But his dreams are dashed when Scott moves unexpectedly and doesn’t return.

Years later, Chase meets brash and confident Adan Navarro, who claims all he wants is a round between the sheets. When they’re still together after eight months, Chase is convinced Adan returns his love. But then the time comes to be open about their relationship, and Adan walks away instead.

Time heals all wounds, but when Charlie runs into Scott and Adan and realizes the only two men he’s ever loved are now in love with each other, his heart breaks all over again. Scott and Adan tell Charlie they want him back, but Charlie doesn’t know if he can trust two people who have hurt him so deeply. And even if he can, why would Scott and Adan want Charlie when they already have everything with each other?

REVIEW: So, when I read the blurb for this one I really wasn’t sure about it. I mean, Charlie meets his first love at 15 and they are together and in love until Scott pretty much leaves him without looking back (this is how Charlie sees it). Then in your twenties, you meet a man who is the first one to touch your heart since your first love, and he rips said heart from your chest and stomps it. You have FINALLY moved on and gotten a good career going, through tragedy you end up being a parent to 2 great kids, and you are about as happy as you can be. Then your first love and the heart-stomper come back into your life, but the kicker is they are a couple now and they want you to be part of their life: all three of you together!!!! I told myself this would be a tough idea to pull off, but if anyone could do it Cardeno C. could, so I gave it a go. Can I just say O.M.G. Cardeno took a concept that should never have worked and not only made it work, but made it work well.

The story is told through Charlie’s eyes as he puts together a scrapbook of his life. There are some very touching moments that we can all remember from our youth. That first time you see your first love, the butterflies in your stomach, the racing of your heart and the sweaty palms. The moment you know you have fallen in love again after having your heart broken, the moment you know you are right where you need to be. All of these moments are told through pictures Charlie is putting into his book, and some will pull on your heart strings; some will make you so ANGRY you want to scream; and some will make you laugh so loudly you will disturb anyone within a mile radius of you while you are reading them. But what they all do is tell the love story these three men share over two decades. They all end up going their own way, but fate has a way of making decisions for us that we would never have expected.

This isn’t the average M/M/M story. In my opinion, this is a very unique take on the concept and it just works. There were moments where I loved the MCs and moments where I hated them. That is how I know a book was great for me, when I am emotionally invested in the outcome. I think this is one of Cardeno C.’s best works, and I have never laughed as hard as I did while reading the scene about the lentils. That was just brilliant!

If you have liked Cardeno’s work in the past, I think you will love this one. I know I did.

You can buy More Than Everything here:


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