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It’s A Birthday Bash With Amber Kell, And She’s Brought A Gift!

2012-BirthdayBadge1The month of November has always been special to me mostly because my sister and I share the same birthday. I was born on my older sister’s fourth birthday a fact she still brings up every now and then when she wants to harp on me ruining her big day with my untimely birth.

For my fans, the month of November represents thirty days of prizes, stories and author interviews where I chose a winner a day. This year, I am also sponsoring a month of giving. Anyone who donates a minimum of $5.00 to a charity of their choice can receive a free e-book of their choice from my website. They have up to a year to pick one. More details are on my blog.

If you’ve never read any of my writing, I recently released Keeping Kylen, book eleven in my Moon Pack series. The first book, Attracting Anthony, can be found For Free at Amazon, ARe or most ebook stores or at my website

If you leave a comment it will enter you to win a $25.00 Amazon GC!


Keeping Kylen 400x600Here is a little blurb from Keeping Kylen.

* * * *

“Dad, where’s Papa?”

Sammy stood in Farro’s bedroom doorway, his teddy bear dangling from one small fist. Blue-footed pajamas covered him from neck to toes. Farro blinked back tears when he recalled Kylen had insisted on buying Sammy a pair in every color. Farro had only put his foot down when Kylen had pointed out the hooded ones with bunny ears. Not even Kylen’s hopeful smile would persuade Farro to let his half-shifter son dress like prey.

Brushing off the memory, Farro walked over to kneel down to his son’s level. He wrapped his hands around Sammy’s smaller ones.

Talking past the lump in his throat made speaking difficult, but he pushed through. “Papa isn’t coming home. We talked about that. Papa has taken a job that moved him away from us. He still loves you, but he’s not coming back.”

Despite his anger over how Kylen left them, Farro had no doubt his mate still loved their son. Kylen just needed a good kick in the ass. For the past four months, Farro had given several variations of ‘Papa’s never returning’ talks to Sammy, and each time, the words tasted sour in his mouth. Sammy refused to believe the man who had adored him so deeply would just abandon him with only a brief letter and never a look back.

Farro couldn’t blame his son. Some days he had difficulty believing it himself. Unfortunately, Farro had grown to face the truth: Kylen wasn’t returning. Kylen was never returning. His inner wolf whimpered sadly inside.

“Why can’t he come home?” With the simplicity of a child, Sammy waited for an easy explanation.
A sigh escaped Farro before he could pull it back. “He’s in charge of the fae now. They need him to rule.”

“We need him more. You should go get him.” Sammy tilted his head and pinned his father with a no-nonsense look. In Sammy’s world, there wasn’t anything his father couldn’t do. Farro hated to disappoint him.

“It’s not quite that easy.” Farro stood and crossed his arms over his chest. He needed every advantage he could get. Unlike the other times he’d explained Kylen’s disappearance, Sammy didn’t appear willing to drop the subject. Farro wouldn’t back down. He had absolutely no plans for retrieving the asshole that had abandoned his family with only a note. He didn’t care how bad Anthony claimed Kylen felt about leaving. Kylen had left—end of story. Farro’s inner wolf might pine from lack of his other half, but Farro’s human half was made of sterner stuff and he refused to give in to his beast.

“But he’s lost!” Sammy wailed, a screechy, high-pitched sound. Farro winced at the noise.

“What makes you think he’s lost?” This was an approach Sammy hadn’t used before, and Farro had to admit he was curious over where it was going. His son had become increasingly creative in his demands for Kylen’s return.

“You told me if I’m not where I’m supposed to be, I’m lost. Papa is supposed to be here so he must be lost too. You need to go find him.” Sammy’s big eyes shone with tears.

Farro didn’t need to go and find Kylen, he knew exactly where his mate was with every breath of his being. The presence of Kylen lived in the back reaches of his mind like a festering wound, constant and painful. Farro was now eternally connected to a man who’d abandoned his family but could never leave him entirely. Now Farro knew why Silver had appeared so ragged after Anthony had vanished. Farro had already penned a letter for Dare and Steven to accept custody of Sammy if Farro snapped under the strain of losing his soul mate. Dare loved Sammy as if the half-wolf shifter was his own, and Steven would make sure Sammy wasn’t ridiculously spoiled.

Farro turned his focus on his child again. Sammy’s eyes were bright with tears, and the grip on his bear had turned his knuckles white. Biting his bottom lip, Farro nodded.

“I’ll go talk to him,” he agreed. His wolf howled in delight at the chance to see their mate again. This could either heal Farro or destroy him entirely.


92 thoughts on “It’s A Birthday Bash With Amber Kell, And She’s Brought A Gift!

  1. Birte says:

    I admit that I’ve never read a book of this series until now, but this excerpt made me very curious and so I got Attracting Anthony from Amazon to start with that. Part 1 always is a good place to start ;)

    Greetings from Germany


  2. jenf27 says:

    Happy Birthday to you and your sister! That is a great thing you are doing regarding a free book for donating to a charity.

    jen (dot) f (at) mac (dot) com


  3. Allison says:

    What a wonderful thing to do with the donations, I hope you get a great response to that. Thank you for the free book and the giveaway.


  4. Peaches says:

    Happy happy birthday! I haven’t read the Moon series, but it was this excerpt that got my attention. Well, this and the fact that I love your cover art, especially all the updated ones for your new site! Nice job and thank you for the giveaway.


  5. arella3173 says:

    happy birthday month Amber!! <3
    haha… I so can't wait to start reading the continuation! I so missed the moon pack! <3

    Judi P


  6. H.B. says:

    Great excerpt. I’ve read the first 5 books from the series and so far it’s been great. Happy Birthday and thank you for allowing us to celebrate your birthday with you =)


  7. Nancy S says:

    I’ve been waiting a long time for this book. Tried and failed to buy it on your site, will try again when it is more widely released. This promises to be a really good month, thanks.


  8. brandimroberts says:

    Time for a reread of 1-10 so I can rwad this new release with everything fresh in my mind.

    Congrats on your release.




  9. Kaytee says:

    I just finished Keeping Kylen and can highly recommend it. It was great just like the 10 before it in the series, if you haven’t read this series, you should. By the way, I shared my birthday with my Dad and younger brother (theirs was the day after mine and it hasn’t been the same now that they are both gone)


  10. Laurel looney says:

    I have to agree with one if the ladies I now have to go back and start with Attracting Anthony and re read all of them. Lol. Thank you and keep up the good luck. :)


  11. Carolyn says:

    Wow, Amber, when you throw a party, you don’t hold back! What a wonderful idea to get donations. Such an absolute win/win. Thanks so much for sharing so much with all of us, and I wish you a most fabulous birthday month! And to your sister as well!


  12. Kat says:

    Happy Birthday month Amber. I cannot wait to read Keeping Kylen, I just need a day off from the EDJ to start it. :-)
    kalimar2010 @


  13. Tammy says:

    Happy Birthday Month Amber! I have already read the book and loved it along with the other books in the series. When is the next one coming out?


  14. Erika S. says:

    I love this series. I finished Keeping Kylen in one sitting, now that I had it, I wasn’t putting it down until I read through. :-) Happy Birthday Month and thanks for introducing us to new things, places and authors!!


  15. felinewyvern says:

    Your poor sister just didn’t appreciate what a great birthday gift you were – such impeccable timing turning up on the day like that :D

    Now I’m off to buy Keeping Kylen to add to all the others I already have, I’ll call it an early self birthday pressie for me :D


  16. Paula Hadgraft says:

    I love Moon Pack. I already have Keeping Kylen, haven’t read it yet, as I decided to read Sinful Santa first. but I am sure I am going to love it just as much as the rest of the Moon Pack series. :)


  17. ErinSC says:

    So happy Farro is going after his man…stupid Fae rules. Thanks Amber and Happy Birthday! For anyone who doesn’t know, on top of all the other awesomeness :) Amber is offering this one for just .99 on her website right now.


  18. Nette says:

    I just got Keeping Kylen and will start reading it tonight. Thank you, Amber, for your swift help when I had trouble ordering from your website. Happy birthday!


  19. Nix says:

    Happy Birthday Amber!! I just finished Keeping Kylen and really enjoyed it. Its nice to finally have their story resolved. Looking forward to more of your birthday blog story and of course going back to the Dragon Groomer. They are both awesome :)


  20. Kira says:

    Happy birthday! I can relate to November being a festive and busy month. Half my family has a birthday in Nov. And funny enough the other half do in may, so they have half a birthday in Nov. too ;-D Plus my brother was born on my dad’s birthday so I know those comments too haha Love the birthday has idea, just read Charlie’s story. Can’t wait for more of Moon Pack, I often wonder what the next titles is gonna be and if you’ll get to Z some day. But I have to admit that my favourite series is Banded Brothers. Hope you had or will have a wonderful birthday, Kira


  21. judgepax says:

    Hmm, been reading/following Amber Kell for a while now. Shared sibling b-day? Always nice to learn new tidbits about one of my fav authors.


  22. Oh my goodness! This series! A part of me wants to give you a small kick in the shins for making me wait SO FREAKING LONG for this book, but I know that the wait is soooooo worth it!!!!

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!


  23. Renee says:

    I’ve read Attracting Anthony and the rest of the series is in my to read wish list! I am also a November baby and shared my actual day with my Grandfather, until he passed away, and now with a younger cousin. Happy Birthday Amber


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