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“My Heart Is Within You” Gets A Backlist Book Bump From Marguerite Labbe

Triquetra Trilogy

Halloween may be over, but it’s still not too late in the year for a little vampire action. Thank you, Lisa, for sponsoring this little blast from the past and giving me a chance to revisit some favorite, old characters of mine, Kristair and Jacob from my Triquetra trilogy. These two were so very different: Kristair, the reserved, ancient vampire obsessed with books and hoarding his knowledge, Jacob, the hot tempered football college star who had no interest in anything outside of scoring the game and in the bed.

Life gets weird when you attract the eye of a vampire, especially one hell bent on discovering a way to stop his descent into madness. He’s hearing a whisper on the edge of his understanding, and the powers he’s developed over the centuries are starting to erode. He knows he’s the last Ancient left, and he knows all of the others have disappeared; he just doesn’t want to be included among them.

At first Jacob was scared by the beautiful stalker who hung around so close, but that quickly changes as he becomes intrigued and attracted to Kristair. Surely, inviting him in to scratch both of their itches won’t be a problem. Next thing Jacob know,s he’d agreed to participate in a old Pict ritual, he’s half covered in tattoos, and a group of younger vampires are attacking him and Kristair every chance they get.

And it only gets crazier from there as Jacob and Kristair lead us through one escapade after another. I suppose that’s what you get when you cross a reserved, bookish vampire with a dominant, overprotective human and both of them too stubborn for their own good. Boy did I have fun with these two, so much so they got three books to tell their story, not the usual one. (Did I mention that Jacob is demanding? He’d love for me to do a fourth.)

So in honor of these two and their shenanigans, I am giving away an e-copy of the first book in the series My Heart is Within You.



Blurb: The power of heart and soul holds the key to the survival of the last of the ancient vampires. Kristair is running out of time. His race has faded away, prey to delusion and deterioration, and his only chance to live long enough to find a cure is to bind his psyche to a human vessel in a long forgotten ritual.

Kristair’s chosen vessel is Jacob Corvin, a man of passionate stubbornness and fierce loyalty; he has captured Kristair’s fantasies so completely that he is both the vampire’s greatest strength and most crippling weakness. Drawing upon Jacob’s spirit and Kristair’s resolve, they each bind a portion of their souls to one other. For as long as Jacob carries Kristair’s heart within him, the vampire can continue his quest.

Just when they have hope, their mission is threatened by The Syndicate, a group of younger vampires who attempt to force Kristair to teach them his secrets before he disappears like the rest of the ancients. Battling both The Syndicate’s attacks and his unexpected need and love for Jacob, Kristair’s strength begins to fade, forcing him to make a decision that will change his and Jacob’s lives forever.


This book is followed by Haunted By Your Soul and Our Sacred Balance.

My Heart is Within You. :

Haunted By Your Soul:

Our Sacred Balance. :


10 thoughts on ““My Heart Is Within You” Gets A Backlist Book Bump From Marguerite Labbe

  1. Carolyn says:

    This is a series I’ve missed, but I love the sound of it, from the bookish vampire (oh, just imagine living forever and being able to actually get to all the books!) paired with the reformed-by-love jock to the battling vampires. So glad you’ve shared it, and that we have a chance to win the first. Thank you!


  2. Happy Sunday, everyone, I hope you’re all sleeping in this morning. :) Thanks so much for participating in Marguerite’s giveaway of My Heart Is Within Me. The contest is now closed and the winner has been selected. Congratulations go to…

    Jennifer Ciera!

    I’m emailing Marguerite right now with your contact information, Jennifer, so expect to hear from her soon. :)


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