Andrew Grey, Dreamspinner Press

Prepare To Be “Taken” by Andrew Grey

“A terrible secret weighs with a terrible weight.” ― Sue Miller

BLURB: On the day he and Roman Capanelli were to be married, Malik Stevens wakes up in a small room with very little light. Time must be passing, because a door opens from time to time and food is left for him—that’s his only connection to the outside world. Roman is a choreographer on Broadway, and he’s waiting for Malik at the park with all their friends, ready to start their marriage ceremony. When Malik doesn’t show up, Roman is nearly heartbroken thinking he’s been left at the altar. But soon he understands that Malik hasn’t stood him up, he’s been taken.

Desperate and determined, Roman begins searching for clues to aid the police. Then, when Malik escapes, the couple continues the search until they ferret out the culprit, and in the process open up a box of secrets. An orphan who grew up in a foster home, Malik knows his father was a serial killer and his mother died of grief and shame after his father was convicted. Now it seems some of his parents’ skeletons still hang in the family closet. But was Malik’s kidnapping meant to uncover those secrets or to hide them forever?

REVIEW: I have to admit when I read the first book in this series, I was slightly worried how Andrew Grey would handle the mystery, suspense and action version of his wonderful love stories. That worry was put to rest when I read Stranded, so I went into book 2 with great expectations and they were all met.

In this book we get to revisit Kendall and Johnny, and it was nice to see some familiar faces, but I completely fell in love with Malik and Roman. Even though this book starts out with a happy moment, that moment doesn’t last long at all. When a story begins with a wedding, what could go wrong? Well, let me tell you….

First Malik stands Roman up at the altar and Roman’s heart is breaking, but we are soon clued into the fact that he has been kidnapped. While Malik is waking up in a completely dark, concrete room, Roman is searching for any kind of sign as to why someone would take Malik. Soon, Roman has all of his friends and a police detective searching for Malik. Luckily Malik keeps his wits about him and he finds a way out, but his escape is only the beginning of the story.

No matter how much the two men try to figure it out, they can’t think of anyone who would want to hurt Malik, or what they would hope to gain through ransom. Through some harrowing experiences and two separate continents, they all start to put the pieces together, and the picture they start to put together is heartbreaking.

Issues and people from Malik’s past come back to haunt them, and when Malik and Roman get all the details, they find out that there may be a silver lining to all the tragedy they have to endure. This is an on-the-edge-of-your-seat mystery that has some very romantic moments and enough heat to keep you warm on a cold, cold night.

Once again, Andrew Grey has used his incredible skill for details and description to make you feel like you are going through all of this side by side with the MCs and it was a wonderful ride. I highly recommend you take the ride right along with Malik and Roman, you won’t regret it.

You can buy Taken (Stranded #2) here:


3 thoughts on “Prepare To Be “Taken” by Andrew Grey

  1. kirifox01 says:

    Since GRL I’ve been following you on facebook, Andrew, and I am excited that this is finally out. Can’t wait to read it. Thanks for an excellent review Lisa.


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