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“Saving Alexander” Is Easier Said Than Done

“Sacrifice and devotion do not inherently save those you love; sometimes their chosen path will lead them past any hope of redemption.” — Amanda Gerry

Alexander Montgomery is your stereotypical damaged main character/hero. He has had a very hard life. He deals with the internal pain by visiting an extremely sadistic Dom at an S & M club weekly. This is part of his therapy. He is beaten, demeaned and fucked hard by the Dom. The problem is that the relief he gets from these sessions doesn’t last more than the time it takes him to walk to his car.

Alex is also a very successful author. His most recent best-seller is being turned into a television series, and he is the screenplay writer as well as the final authority on casting decisions. Alex casts Sage in the leading man role. Sage is tall, dark, and handsome. He is an up and coming actor who seems to have been created just to play this character. Sage makes Alex want to be able to be that man that you take home to meet the family. He makes Alex wish he could erase his past and just be with Sage in a normal relationship.

Working together on a daily basis, Sage and Alex develop a relationship that grows into more than either one of them expected. Susan Mac Nicol does an excellent job of deepening their relationship. She has funny moments, serious share-your-heart’s-deepest-desires moments, angry moments and moments of truth. It is one of these moments of truth that causes the most trouble in Sage and Alex’s relationship.

Saving Alexander is a literal title. Alex needs to be saved from his past, from his pain and from himself. Ms. Mac Nicol makes Alex’s pain palpable. I felt how deeply he was hurting and how desperate he was to make it stop. I also felt how alone he thought he was. Even though Sage was there, loving him and wanting him just the way he was, Alex felt alone in his pain. He really thought that the only way to exorcise his past was through the beatings he received at the hands of a sadist who sometimes went too far.

Saving Alexander is more than just a romance novel. It is a mystery, a thriller, a story of redemption and the healing power of love. When justice is finally, in a sense, dealt to the last person who held the reins on the demons haunting Alex’s every moment, he is able to be “saved”. Mostly saved from himself through Sage’s love and support.

There were some flaws in Saving Alexander that kept it from being a five star read for me. Some things were beyond my ability to suspend disbelief. But it is still a great book. The love just flows off the page into your heart. The sex is hot! And the redemption is sweet.

Highly recommended.

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