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“His Prize Possession: Tales of Pleasure and Dominance” – It’s Prose With A Purpose

“If love and hate aren’t true opposites, perhaps neither are pleasure and pain—if you go far enough in one extreme, it resembles the other.” ― Daria Snadowsky

There’s nothing quite like reading for a good cause, and there’s nothing quite as gratifying as really liking what you read for that cause. Authors Cherry Dare, Isabel Dare, Calandra Hunter, Lyla Luray, and Dawn South have banded together to give us His Prize Possession: Tales of Pleasure and Dominance, a flash-fantasy collection that’s sexy as sin and sizzles with seduction.

These are five unique stories of gods and monsters, warriors and thieves, commoners and royalty each with a similar thread: they are lusty and erotic in all their unapologetic and provocative glory. They are stories of men who take and of men who are taken, some dubiously, some non-consensually, some in slavery, some in a bargain, and some who are prisoners of war, each who may not have given of his free will but who nevertheless finds his pleasure in the taking.

Each of these stories began and ended too soon, as far as I’m concerned. They all seduced me with a need to know more about the characters, if not for the times or the worlds in which they lived, and each left me wishing for sequels to discover where or whether these men would find happiness in a life outside of the one they’d lived on these pages.

If you want a short story that’s wrapped up neatly at the end, be forewarned that doesn’t happen here. If you’re looking for a short story that gives you loads of instant gratification and may just leave you wanting more, you’ll find more than enough to tickle your fancy between the covers of this book.

His Prize Possession is prose with a purpose; all royalties are being donated to the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission.

You can buy His Prize Possession: Tales of Pleasure and Dominance here:


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