Lisa Worrall, White Stiletto Press

Lisa Worrall Will Put You In A “New York Cowboy” State Of Mind

“The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for.”–Bob Marley

Vance Wolf owns Wolf Creek Ranch along with his mother. His father died recently of a heart attack that Vance attributes completely to their new neighbor Andrew Blackwell. Blackwell wants to buy Wolf Creek Ranch. When his friendly offers were refused, he resorted to less friendly and eventually illegal means to get his hands on the ranch. Vance receives little to no help from the local sheriff, who is being bribed by Blackwell’s deep pockets.

As Wolf Creek Ranch (so named because of the creek that runs along the property’s edge closest to the ranch Blackwell now owns) continues to lose cattle to Blackwell’s attacks, Vance and his mother have no capital to replace them. They are quickly running out of money and losing the ranch is a definite possibility.

Vance’s mother comes up with the idea to open the ranch up to corporations for “team building” trips. The executives would live and work side by side and hopefully build better working relationships while doing it. Against every instinct he has, Vance is forced to go along with the plan in order to hold onto the family ranch.

Adam Prentiss is among the men who arrive with the first group. Unbeknownst to Vance, Adam is Andrew Blackwell’s son. Unbeknownst to Adam, his father owns the ranch next to Wolf Creek and has been trying to get control of it by any means necessary. Adam hates his father and uses a different last name as a way to distance himself.

Andrew Blackwell made sure his son was among that first group of executives because he sent Adam with a mission. Find and dig into the financial records of Wolf Creek Ranch to expose the ranch’s weak spot so Blackwell could take advantage of it.

The attraction and physical reaction between Vance and Adam is immediate and powerful. As Vance grows closer to Adam, he reveals the trouble the ranch is having and Adam finds out what his father is up to. Adam must make a choice. Follow his heart and disobey his father, confessing everything to Vance, or do as his father commands and help bring down Wolf Creek Ranch.

Overall I enjoyed New York Cowboy. The characters were likeable, if a little too under-developed. The plot was interesting, if a little predictable. I think it’s the cowboy thing. What girl doesn’t like a little hot gay cowboy sex? While it may have been a little underdeveloped and predictable, Lisa Worrall wrote the perfect book for my reading needs at that moment in time, and getting to the end was a fun ride (pun intended).

It is often comforting to read a book that you can predict the end of. Sometimes I like a book that has all the basic ingredients of a good romance: immediate and strong attraction, smoking hot sex, quick, if not insta-love, drama and conflict that appear as though they will tear apart our couple for good, then the rest which I won’t give you here. New York Cowboy has all those components. Lisa Worrall has given us just what we romance junkies love.

Highly recommended.

Please Note: 20% of each copy sold will be donated to the Friends of Roxburghe House hospice in memory of Lisa’s friend Keith Donald, who lost his brave fight with cancer on the 7 September 2013.

You can buy New York Cowboy here:


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