L.B. Gregg, Riptide Publishing

Listen Up, Kids – L.B. Gregg Wants To Tell You The Story Of “How I Met Your Father”

“Never pass up a chance to have sex or appear on television.” ― Gore Vidal

How I Met Your Father… Hmm… Imagine bonding on an airplane (near-death by turbulence – not really); throw in a quickie in an airport bathroom (because, hey, you survived), and then mix that in with a Christmas wedding in a Caribbean paradise, a healthy dose of “no way!” coincidence that makes it all the more fun (in a, wow-isn’t-this-awkward? kind of way); add the former singer in a boy band with a still adoring public; best friends/band mates who don’t know said singer is gay; a glowing bride, her pothead brother, one extremely sexy father to both the bride and the pothead; and you’ve got the recipe for the story of how Justin Hayes and Jack Basinger met and fell in lust with each other.

This isn’t a story of adventure as much as it is one of misadventure, as Justin tries so hard to resist the temptation Jack represents—the man’s the soon to be father-in-law of the guy who’s been Justin’s best friends since they were five years old, for God’s sake—see the problem? I’m pretty sure there’s some Best Friends Commandment somewhere that states, “Thou shalt not make sex with your best friend’s In-Laws.” Okay, probably not, but that doesn’t mean Justin is happy that he finds Jack so bloody irresistible. It does mean, however, that even if there were a set of rules for that particular behavior, Jack wouldn’t give a crap about them anyway. Did I mention he’s pretty sexy? Yes, I did. He is. He’s the consummate confident older man, after all ::rawr:: and Justin really didn’t stand a chance.

While I’d have loved to spend more time with Justin and Jack, watching them get to know each other and build the life together that led to the “one year later” ending, I’m not going to peek too ungratefully into the mouth of this gift horse. As a huge fan of L.B. Gregg’s “Romano and Albright” and “Men of Smithfield” series, I’m just chuffed to bits that she’s back in the creative saddle again. She has a sense of humor that pokes at all my funny buttons, which is always a welcome change of pace from the drama laden romances I also adore.

How I Met Your Father is a fun and sexy little romp that proves timing is everything, and what better time for a gift than just in time for the holidays?

You can buy How I Met Your Father here:


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