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Kade Boehme Wants To Welcome You To “Gangster Country”

“The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.”– Bob Marley

Kade Boehme is 25 years old. He has already released at least six books with four more coming in the near future. He is 25 years old, people! It is amazing to me that someone Kade’s age should be such a skilled storyteller. He is more prolific than many authors who have been writing for years, and he just keeps getting better and better. I see a long future of myself waiting anxiously for the next Kade Boehme to be released.

In Gangster Country, Kade once again creates characters that feel so real. I got sucked in from the first paragraph and wasn’t let go until the last. Logan Marshall is a transplant from Texas to New York. He is a recently minted social worker and knows if he stays close to home he will spend his weekends working on his family’s ranch. He loves his family and they were accepting of him when he told them he was gay, but he needs to step out completely on his own.

In New York, Logan sees, hears and smells things that would make a lesser man turn tail and run home to mama. But his social life is an active one. With his sexy Texas drawl and his muscles earned working the ranch, he is like fresh chum thrown to the sharks in the gay clubs. He is not looking for anything permanent, so this works fine for him.

Gianni Rodriguez is the younger brother of the ruthless leader of Los Cuervos, a drug and prostitute running gang. The “jobs” that Gianni has been made to handle have gotten increasingly violent over the years. There was never any question of him doing anything else with his life. There was never any question of him following orders issued by his cruel older brother. Until he met Logan. The one thing you aren’t allowed to be in Gianni’s world is gay. And Gianni has known for years that he is gay.

Logan’s and Gianni’s worlds collide in an unfortunate series of events. Their immediate attraction soon turns to passion. Then they begin to have real feelings for each other. Gianni wonders if Logan will want him when he finds out about the things Gianni has done. Is Logan worth getting out of the family business for? Can Gianni even get out of the family business alive?

Kade Boheme takes you on a great ride while finding the answers to those questions. His books are part romance, part smoking hot sex, part mystery and part something that defies definition. He makes you love Gianni, even when you don’t want to. He makes you want Logan to love Gianni and forgive his past sins. The ability to make a reader feel such empathy for his characters is a gift. Kade is 25 years old. I just can’t get over that. The depth of emotion he has and is able to get on the page is rare in someone with so little life experience. If this is Kade at 25, I can’t wait to read his work at 35 or 45… Recommended for all the feels!

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3 thoughts on “Kade Boehme Wants To Welcome You To “Gangster Country”

  1. I don’t know how Kade did it but he made me feel all these tender feels for a drug dealing hitman from a gang. That is just amazing and so is this book, seriously, I think this might be his best work yet.


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