Dreamspinner Press, Sam Hill

Sam Hill Delivers This Christmas Story “Gift-wrapped” And Ready To Go

“Christmas, children, is not a date. It is a state of mind.” ― Mary Ellen Chase

Spending his holidays working at the mall popcorn stand was not what Noah had planned for, but this was his reality. Being a scholarship student didn’t leave a lot of money to travel from New York to LA at Christmas, so he would just have to suck it up. Everything wasn’t horrible about being at work, though. Noah has gotten himself a Secret Santa somehow, and this secret admirer seems to know a lot more about Noah than he should.

The presents Noah receives are so perfect for him it is spooky. Something to keep him in touch with his family, a small reminder of making friends with his best friend, and an autographed copy of his favorite book. Figuring out who it is should be easy, but for the life of him Noah can’t fathom who could be doing this.

Even with all the great presents Noah receives bad news over and over, and believes that his holidays just may be ruined. When his secret santa is revealed, Noah realizes that everyone in his life has pitched in to make his holidays better, and it could just be the start of something wonderful.

This was a very romantic story of loving someone from afar and making great things happen. I loved the presents Noah received and the fact that they made him so happy. I think we all hope for that special someone who knows us as well as Noah’s Secret Santa knows him. This person has learned what is important to Noah and given him everything he could ever want.

This is a heartwarming Christmas story that will remind us what is most important about the holidays, and finding someone to spend them with.

You can buy Gift-wrapped here:


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