Dreamspinner Press, Jamie Lynn Miller

In Which Love Is Held “Memory’s Prisoner”

‘Who are you?’ I’d ask. I could hear the words; it sounded like me but it wasn’t me. I’d watch my lips moving and say it again, ‘Who are you?” ― Alice Jamieson

Lately I’ve been reading books in which one of the main characters lose their memory. I’m finding it very interesting to see how each author deals with this topic. As I’ve never read anything from this particular author before, I was quite excited to see where she would take her story.

Mitch and Joey are both police officers. They are partners on the force and have just recently become partners in life. While going after an escaped convict, whom they both have a history with, Mitch and Joey are severely injured. Joey, with massive head trauma, and Mitch, with a catastrophic leg injury.

At first I liked the direction this story was headed. It opens with Joey still in a coma and Mitch at his bedside. Without even knowing the characters at this point, I really got the gist of how much Mitch cared for his best friend Joey. We get flashbacks of time before the accident and realize these two are more than just friends. I felt the author did a great job in showing the reader a little bit of their relationship and how much they meant to one another. I really liked how Mitch’s feelings for Joey were brought to light through his actions instead of words. It would’ve been so much easier for him to just go and start his life over, but his perseverance and dedication to Joey was amazing.

Fast forward two years later, Joey wakes up from his coma and doesn’t remember Mitch. What? The story got a little jumpy and confusing at this point. I didn’t find the missing two years adequately explained. There wasn’t a transition period. It felt as though there was something missing, so Mitch and Joey’s relationship just fell flat. As much as liked the author’s initial portrayal of these two characters, I just didn’t feel a connection. I really didn’t know them, so I never got myself emotionally involved. If there was another scene or chapter, I think the story would have gone more smoothly. Also, I felt Joey’s recovery was a little too quick and convenient. It felt too rushed at the end. Like, okay, he’s awake, all is well, the end.

Nonetheless, it didn’t stop me from continuing along to find out how the story ends. I believe this was a good story. What would have made it a great story was filling in the blanks that I felt were missing.

Overall, it was a very sweet story, a story of comfort, healing, dedication, and love.
I would recommend this one to readers who aren’t too detailed oriented, and like an uncomplicated read.

You can buy Memory’s Prisoner here:


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