Kate Lowell, Loose Id

Technically, “Christmas Goes Analog” This Year

Christmas is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it’s Christmas. — Dale Evans

BLURB: When Rob’s dad was injured by an uninsured driver, it spelled the end of Rob’s carefree childhood and, more important to Rob, the idyllic Christmases they used to have. Hard work and sacrifice nets him a degree in computer programming and then a contract at a rapidly-growing video game company. Things are looking up, especially when he meets his new System Administrator. But the closer it gets to Christmas, the more bugs there are in the system.

Shawn’s found him. The Guy. But Rob’s had it rough and it’s been years since he’s been anything but responsible. It all comes boiling to the surface when a family financial crisis is followed by a work emergency that ruins Rob’s plans to bring Shawn home to meet the family over Christmas holidays.

With Rob’s mood growing darker the closer it gets to Christmas, Shawn needs to find some way to give Rob the Christmas he’s so desperate for. And he just might have the plan…

REVIEW: I have to be honest and say some of the computer terms used in this book went right over my head. You see, I am not very computer savvy. I have even been referred to as Amish when it comes to my computing skills. With that said, I just simply adored this book.

Rob and Shawn seemed to come into each other’s lives right when they needed each other the most. Rob is a computer programmer who lives on a very tight budget since he has to help his family out financially. Shawn is a System Administrator at the company Rob works for. Instead of the Nerd/Jock, story this is a Nerd/Nerd story, and it was just too cute for words. They called one another Hardware and Software. Like I said too cute, right?

Months into their relationship, Christmas is coming and some of their glaring differences start to show. Rob doesn’t want Shawn spending money on him, and Shawn doesn’t see what the big deal is. If these two want to make things work, they are going to have to find a middle ground. When their Christmas plans are cancelled due to work they end up realizing what is important.

I liked this book and I loved the characters. It was a great little holiday story.

You can buy Christmas Goes Analog here:


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