Dreamspinner Press, Julian Balfour

This Year, “Santa Gets His Man” For Christmas

“Sometimes things become possible if we want them bad enough.” ― T.S. Eliot

BLURB: When Mark Wright is pressed into being a mall Santa on Christmas Eve, his life is changed forever. Six-year-old Trevor Robinson has his Uncle Jack in tow—the same man Mark had a crush on at Asheville High School fifteen years earlier. Jack tells Santa his Christmas fantasy: “… to spend the holiday with an incredible guy who turns me on and does all kinds of naughty and wonderful things to my body.” How can Santa resist that challenge?

REVIEW: As much as Mark didn’t want to play Santa he can’t say no to his sick brother-in-law. Even though he could have thought of one hundred other things to be doing, he threw himself into it wholeheartedly. The kids loved him and he ended up having more fun than he could have imagined. The biggest surprise was when his high school crush, Jack, shows up looking better than he had any right to. When Jack shares his secret fantasy with “Santa”, this leads Mark to go out on a limb and take a chance. Giving Jack his wish turns out to be a study in hilarity. The two men turn out to be a great match, and they end up spending the holiday and more together.

This was a very sweet short story, and I caught myself giggling a couple times while reading it. This should definitely go on your TBR list for the holidays!

You can buy Santa Gets His Man here:


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