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“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

The Novel Approach is honored to be participating in Eric Arvin and TJ Klune’s Ghoul’s Gym Blog Tour, organized by JP Barnaby, Geoffrey Knight, and Wilde City Press. The novella first appeared in last summer’s anthology Zombie Boyz, and is now being released as a single along with the other two stories, Surviving Sin City by Ethan Stone and Daniel A. Kaine, and Guess Who’s Coming at Dinner by Geoffrey Knight and Ethan Day.

When JP approached the group of us about hosting the tour, she suggested we share a few stories about personal experiences we’ve had with Eric and TJ, so I elected to have some GayRomLit attendees share their love for them. Our special guest Michael Chulsky, Jackie, Lynn, and I all had the honor of spending some time with these two bright and brilliant men in October, and if there’s any one constant in the thread of our experiences, it is the deep and tangible love they share.

Michael: I was lucky enough to have dinner with them at one of the events. They were both so nice and so obviously in love with one another. They’re like the perfect fairy tale and truly reinforce the legitimacy of a happily ever after. And I couldn’t be happier to know such wonderful people.

Jackie: When you put these two men side by side you can just about feel the love they share. There was never a time I saw one without the other. If they weren’t holding hands, then there was another type of physical contact somewhere. A hand on the shoulder, a small kiss or just a secret little smile. In a room full of people, they look at one another like they are the only ones there. This, I believe, is what we all have come to love about these two. There is so much love between them we all just want to bask in it and celebrate it with them. So, that is my memory of meeting TJ Klune and Eric Arvin.

Lynn: I was part of the audience in Atlanta when Tj asked Eric to marry him! There wasn’t a dry eye in the place. I was focused on Eric at this point, watching his face go all shades of red when he realized exactly what was happening. Priceless! I’ve never seen someone smile so brightly. And I’ve never seen two people with so much love for each other. It was truly a cherished moment, one I will never forget. And one I’m sure Eric and Tj will tell and retell for many more happy years together.

I was in a room on October 17, 2013, a room filled with people who all had a common focus. We all witnessed a communion of hearts and souls that day, something so much deeper and more profound than any law could possibly contain or put asunder. In that room, we watched TJ and Eric pledge their love to each other, through nervous tears, through tears of joy, through tears of laughter. It was the witnessing of two lives becoming one, and it was unforgettable.

I have absolute faith that it’s the power and conviction of that love that will see these men through this incredibly difficult time. This is a tenuous week for both Eric and TJ, so, please, please, if you believe in any benevolent higher power or even the power of hope and faith, send your thoughts and prayers to both of these men, who need your strength and courage and conviction now more than ever to lift them up!

We had the pleasure of hosting TJ and Eric on the original blog tour for Zombie Boyz, and premiered the video they made exclusively for TNA, which quickly shot to more than a thousand views in just a matter of hours. If you’d like to watch it again, or for the first time, go ahead and do that now. We’ll wait…

Okay. Great, right? And you can also check out the video they did for Joyfully Jay HERE.

Keep reading, and you’ll not only find the complete list of tour dates but will also discover how to win some great prizes too.


Unofficial Blurb: Ghoul’s Gym, in which 5 out of 5 walking dead agree that exercise can be dangerous to your health.

Jake Howell and Uly Hoak have two hard and fast rules in their relationship: never go to bed angry and never, no matter the circumstances, ever part without saying goodbye. Little did either of them know when they said their farewells to each other on one decidedly fateful Saturday morning, it might be the last.

Jake is fighting the Green-Eyed monster, feeling a little less than physically adequate next to his ultra-buff gym bunny, Uly, and it doesn’t help that Uly’s boss at the gym, Stephen Fucking Dorian, can’t resist taking potshots at Jake’s rather unimpressive physique, making Jake feel all the more lacking and all the more jealous of the fact Dorian wants Uly for himself.

Turns out that’s the least of Jake’s problems, however, as strange things are afoot in this once sleepy and pristine little town. Unusual outbreaks of violence quickly reach apocalyptic proportions and pit Jake and Uly in a race against time to find each other before it’s too late.

Could a conspiracy be at the heart of the disaster? If so, the mechanics and manipulators of this plot to rid the world of the compulsively fit had better be prepared. They’re about to get a taste of vengeance.



We are all back in the closet – the utility closet, that is. Yes, sir. We are five slabs of all-American prime beef hiding from the butchers in the dark. I will never eat a hamburger again.

I swear it.

The utility closet is in a hallway on the second level of the fitness center where we keep all the defunct machines that need some work – the treadmills upended so the repairman can get to the undercarriages and fix them, and the cable machines pulled all to hell and as wiry as Medusa. There ain’t no lock on the closet door, so we’re all hoping and praying that zombies don’t know how to turn door knobs. All we can do is hold tight to it. Tobey and Thad have their barbells in hand just in case.

But damn, it’s crowded in here. My closet back home is bigger than this, and I’m no clothes whore. The five of us are packed tight, tit to tit, cock to cock, face to face, covered in Griff and sweat in the dark, while I try to figure out what the hell is going on with the internet on my cell phone. The sheer adrenaline-inducing power of the moment has caused more than one of us to sprout boners, and as pretty as that flesh bouquet is, I keep thinking of Stephen getting his wiener gnawed off, and I want to throw up. I’m also glad I’m not naked like my poor friends here.

Johnny shakes like a tweaked out club kid as Tobey tries to comfort him. I really don’t know what good it’s doing.

Casey sneezes, a chunk of Griff flying off the top of his head and hitting me in the forehead. “It’s too damn crowded in here,” he complains. “Anyone want to be a sacrifice for the greater good?
Johnny? How about you?”

“Hush your fucking face, Casey,” Tobey says. Tobey’s a man of the cloth, but he ain’t wearing any cloth at the moment so I guess he can cuss all he wants.

“Oh, come on,” says Casey. “Everyone here can see the guy’s a freaking redshirt. I don’t want to be around when those zombies get him. Do you, preacher man?”

“Pay no attention to him, Johnny,” Tobey says. “You’re going to make it through this just fine. I’ll see to that. God will see to that.”

“I could use some comforting, Father Tobey,” Casey says, sex ever on his mind.

“Get your finger out of my ass, Casey,” Tobey says.

“Why? It feels even holier than the rest of you.” He snickers. “Get it? Holy.”

“You’re an ass, Casey,” Thad chimes in. “Shut the fuck up.”

“Maybe we should sacrifice you, Superman?” says Casey, his face drawn and serious. “I love a good hero-in-peril story. Besides, your ass is taking up most of the room in here. Why don’t you lay off the squats? Unless you want to do them on my face.”





Tour Dates:

12/17 – JP Barnaby
12/18 – Mrs. Condit Reads Books
12/19 – MM Good Book Reviews
12/20 – Kage Alan
12/21 – Joyfully Jay
12/22 – Brandilyn Reviews Books
12/24 – Sid Love
12/25 – The Kimi-Chan Experience


Thanks so much for stopping by to share your love and offer your support to Eric and TJ!


17 thoughts on ““And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

  1. What a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing your memories of the time you spent with Eric & TJ at GRL. I always cry when I watch the video of TJ’s proposal.

    When it happened, I was actually on FB and it went crazy! You should have seen my news feed. It was one person after another announcing their engagement. Then the still photos started to appear. Then, shortly after, the video. I felt like my brothers were getting engaged! I had goose bumps, I cried and laughed, my kid thought I was weirder than usual. It was moving to watch the video, I can’t imagine how it must have been to be in the room.

    My prayer is that they will get married next year at GRL in Chicago. I can’t wait to see Eric WALK down the aisle!


  2. You know, it’s so hard not to be cynical these days, when, on a daily basis, the internet exposes so much of the worst that humanity has to offer. But if there’s any testament to its opposite, it’s the ways in which this small but growing community of readers and authors have come together to rally their support for Eric and TJ. If ever there was a testament of friendship, love, and admiration these two have fostered, it’s in the outpouring of faith and hope they’re getting from all over the world. They’ve transformed us into a global family as we wait and pray for their continued strength, and that in itself is a testament to how well they’re loved and how much their love for each other has reached out and touched each and every one of us in some way.


    • Carolyn says:

      Beautifully said, Lisa. The visual may be silly, but I feel like it’s one of those group hugs where more and more people just keep joining in. We just keep standing strong holding the ones at the center secure, giving them all the love we’re able to.


  3. Debra E says:

    Thanks for sharing. I agree with your comment Lisa. Most of us only know Eric and TJ as FB friends or authors of books we’ve read so to see the outpouring of love and support for them is truly beautiful. I can’t wait for them to get the HEA they so deserve.


  4. Beverley Jansen PhD says:

    As usual a dignified and heartfelt post. My cynicism has taken quite a knock and my belief in the magic of love has been strengthened.


  5. Rush says:

    Thanks for the great post. I’ve not read the Zombie book yet but just now, reading the excerpt made me laugh and think about Tj’s goofy self. It is so amazing the strength our community have where Love and Friendship is concerned. My candle will remain lit until we know Eric will come through kicking and yelling TEEJ!!! In Love and In Good Health. My heart and thoughts are with you both, Tj & Eric.


  6. Great Klarvin stories! Eric and Tj have been on my mind constantly since this started, and I’m hoping and praying and begging for the day when they get to go home and get back to their lives.

    Also, the excerpt from Ghoul’s Gym was awesome! Can’t wait to read it!


  7. Carolyn says:

    Michael, Jackie, and Lynn, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and experiences with Eric and TJ. They made me smile. And to you, Lisa, for doing the same and also hosting a stop on the tour. I never told you how much I appreciated this post: I have never interacted with Eric or TJ in any way, so my feelings are so inconsequential, but I was always happy to read their words or see their videos, and it hurts to know the pain they are going through. I hate that bad things happen to good people. I understand that’s life, but it doesn’t make it any better. The only thing that makes any of this better is knowing and reading about how much love there is between the two of them and how much love and support they are getting from everyone who cares about them. I read romance, so of course I believe in the power of love. There’s so much here, and it makes me so glad to see. As ever, my best thoughts and all the support for Eric, and for TJ, and for their family and friends. I wish them all strength, hope, and joy.


  8. Allison says:

    Wonderful post. I have been heartbroken by what these two amazing men are going through but I have also had a bit of faith in people restored by the response the community has put forth. Hoping to hear good news on Thursday, I know if love alone could have fixed this Eric would have been home for days now, wish that was possible.


  9. Good morning, everyone. I’m sure you’ve all heard the great news about Eric’s post surgery smile and “hi” since we’ve all been glued to TJ’s Facebook statuses, so all the more reason to celebrate this holiday season!

    I’ve just conducted the drawings for TNA’s Ghoul’s Gym Blog Tour prizes, and the winners are:

    1.) Free Download Code from Wilde City Press – Yvonne
    2.) Any print book from Eric’s Dreamspinner backlist – Jade Crystal
    3.) Any print book from TJ’s Dreamspinner backlist – Tonya K. Sharp

    Congratulations, folks! I’ve already emailed each of you, so if you don’t see a note in your inbox, be sure to check your spam folder too. :)


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