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Let’s All Get “Stripped Clean” For The Holidays

“Hard is trying to rebuild yourself, piece by piece, with no instruction book, and no clue as to where all the important bits are supposed to go.” ― Nick Hornby

From the title, I hope Stripped Clean: The Escapade Book One means it’s just the beginning of a new series because I want more, and now!!! Can you guess that I liked this book a lot??!!?? I was so happy that I could read a book which I could sink my teeth into. No, it’s not about vampires, just a really meaty, juicy and thoroughly satisfying book.

The story’s about two men who have more issues and personal baggage than Lindsay Lohan! There are the trust issues, ex issues and to top it all off, daddy issues. Greg is a gay man who gets roped into co-owing a gentleman’s club. His ex, who is his business partner’s brother, descends into drugs and mind fucks him royally. Carlos is a young vet who’s hired to clean the club. He’s married and sort of in the closet. Circumstances make him stay with his wife, and guilt over the death of his HS boyfriend make him on par with Greg in the baggage dept. Carlos also has self-esteem issues. He doesn’t feel he’s worthy of love or Greg. Both men are at a turning point in their lives when they meet. Neither is expecting it but they are drawn to each other. They are stripped clean of the past and start fresh for a future together.

The “courtship” was a slow burn. Both men had the attraction but developed their friendship first. It took its time and made the eventual and inevitable that much more believable. You could tell that this was not going to be a one night stand for either. I loved it! OMG the sexual tension was off the charts. Greg likes certain things in bed and he trusted Carlos not to use it against him like his past lovers did. Carlos is the type of man that will keep Greg safe. They balance each other out. One needs taking care of, and one needs to take care. They are just perfect together. As M/M couples go, these two are on my list of favorites!

The supporting cast is very well written. Their involvement in the story added another level to the overall strength of the book. Stripped Clean was just a very strong story made even better with superb writing.

Stripped Clean is not to be missed. It’s perfect example of a great contemporary romance!

You can buy Stripped Clean: The Escapade Book One here:


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