Mathew Ortiz, Self-Published

Mathew Ortiz Brings Luck And Love To “Love and Salvage: Loving Emmett”

“Love, like Fortune, favours the bold.” ― E.A. Bucchianeri

Title: Love and Salvage: Loving Emmett

Author: Matthew Ortiz

Publisher: Self-Published

Pages/Word Count: 154 Pages

Rating: 5 Stars

Blurb: Tatesville was a quiet little town just east of Atlanta, home to the Gaither clan. Emmett Gaither loved his family and his life. It was perfect. Being the only gay son had its challenges, but his family stood by him and loved him all the same. He never dreamed that his world would be turned upside side by the new banker in town. The sexy blonde man made Emmett’s blood boil. But he wouldn’t be interested in a redneck man like Emmett? Would he?

Alex King had lived a gypsy life. Leaving the northwest, he thought he wanted to live in the bustling city of Atlanta. Still he wasn’t happy, so he jumped on the chance to move to a quieter life in Tatesville. He was sure he’d never meet a good guy in the little southern town. Imagine his surprise when one of his customers wanted to fix him up with her SON! Had he move to the Twilight Zone? If so, he was happy to live there when the customer’s tall, dark and handsome walked into his bank…now what?


Review: I was looking forward to reading Love and Salvage: Loving Emmett because I’ve read the Renovating Love series by Mathew Ortiz and found it enjoyable. I was expecting Love and Salvage to be on par. I was totally wrong. I was blown away by Love and Salvage! It was on a completely different level than the previous books. The writing, storytelling and overall feel of the book were so much richer. In fact, I had to re-read the book because I read it before going on vacation and had to refresh my memory. I think I loved it more the second time around.

Emmett Gaither lives in a small town in Georgia. He’s a brawny manly man who likes to dress in jeans and t-shirts, hunt and play sports. But he’s not your typical redneck. He works for his family’s antique and salvage business, likes antiques and as an eye for design. His big and meddlesome family loves him unconditionally. He loves his small town life, but he’s yearning for that special person. He sees his parents love for each other and he wants that. Emmett doesn’t like the Atlanta gay scene. The few times that he did hook up left him empty and unsatisfied. He wanted to make a connection after sex, but the Atlanta men did not. The only thing that I did not like about Emmett was that he was a bit of a mama’s boy. :-)

Alex King is an Atlanta transplant and is almost the opposite of Emmett. Alex is a Ken doll to Emmett’s GI Joe. Alex describes himself as a party boy and a bit of a slut. After a bad experience with one of his nameless hookups, he decides that his life needs to change. He leaves Atlanta and takes a job at the local bank looking for a change of pace. His best friend Hale follows him because both have no close family, so they create their own. I loved Hale and hope he gets his own story! Alex is also looking for that special someone to settle down with.

Emmett’s lovable mother plays matchmaker. I was laughing every time his parents made an appearance in the story. Alex and Emmett’s relationship takes off from their first meeting. It’s love at first sight. I just couldn’t get enough of them together, and loved everything about their courtship. Emmett is your typical good guy, and perfect for Alex because that’s what he’s been looking for. Yes, when they get down and dirty, it’s pretty dirty and hot! Their chemistry is off the charts. There’s more in the story which you’ll just have to read yourself.

Let’s talk about the supporting cast of characters. Don’t know how to describe them except to say they where un-freaking-believable! They added so much more to the story. Emmett’s crazy family was perfect. They provided that stable family life that made Emmett such a wholesome guy. Hale, Alex’s friend, was the familiar gay best friend but still, he was written with humor and a vulnerability that made you just fall in love with him. I enjoy a book much more when I want to read about the secondary characters. I’m hoping that some will get their own spin-offs. Uncle Eli has a teaser at the end of the book, and I’m excited to read his story when it comes out! Hope it’s soon!

In a nutshell, this is a great first book in the Love and Salvage series. A must read for anyone who loves a fun, sexy story with a very HEA!

You can buy Love and Salvage: Loving Emmett here:


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