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Lisa Worrall’s Marshalls Park Series Comes To A Perfect End

“I never thought getting arrested would be the best thing that ever happened to me, but it was, because it brought me you.” – Lisa Worrall

Title: The Marshalls Park Series #8-10

Author: Lisa Worrall

Publisher: White Stiletto Press

Rating: 5 Stars

Blurb: Monty’s Trick or Treat: Everyone has been the victim of Chris’ pranks in the run-up to Halloween, and he doesn’t appear to be in a hurry to stop. Despite almost getting one of the park’s employees fired.

Finn decides Chris needs to be taught a lesson and what better way than to give him a taste of his own medicine? With a little help from his friends, he sets about organizing the prank to end all pranks – on an epic scale – using Chris’ biggest fear against him!

Monty Punches Pocohantas: Aiden and Finn’s first Thanksgiving together is a big deal, especially as they are hosting it as a family. He has, of course, planned it down to the last minute, but there are a few unexpected incidents even Aiden couldn’t have possibly foreseen.

Monty Get’s Married…Doesn’t He?: Waking up in the ass end of nowhere on his wedding day was not what Finn had planned. Thanks to Chris and AJ he is miles from home with no wallet and no phone. Will he make it to the wedding on time and if he doesn’t, will Aiden ever forgive him?


Review: I’d have to say that Monty’s Trick or Treat was the funniest of this enjoyable series. If you have read any of the others, you have met Chris. He is the smart-ass co-worker of Finn’s that helps him in and out of his Monty costume and acts as his guide while Finn is in costume. He is also a consummate practical joker. In fact, his co-workers, Finn in particular, are getting sick and tired of his antics and decide to stage a practical joke of epic proportions at Chris’s expense.

Finn needs everyone’s help with this prank. Aiden, Aunt Patti, several co-workers, even the eighty-something neighbor across the street. The outcome is hilarious and one would think Chris would learn his lesson after being pranked and scared to within an inch of his life…

Monty Punches Pocahontas starts out in my favorite place in Finn and Aiden’s house. Their bed. The sex between these two is so hot, I can’t believe my Kindle isn’t burning my fingers. Thus begins their first Thanksgiving as a family. Finn has to work a half-day, because evidently meerkats don’t get holidays off. All he has to do is get through a half-day of work and get home to help Aiden with the dinner he has been obsessing over for the last week.

Turns out Chris hasn’t quite forgiven or forgotten the Halloween prank which Finn and Aiden put him through. What happens next involves a meerkat, a man in a Pocahontas costume, cayenne pepper and punches being thrown. While Finn does make it to dinner, he is late and in big trouble.

Finn and Aiden are joined by a large group of family members from both sides. Aiden’s sister is there against the wishes of their parents, and is welcomed into the family. A perfect meal, complete with surprises, some of which were obvious all along, some more unexpected follows. This volume ends with the best line in the series so far!

After a long wait while Lisa dealt with real life, the final story in the Marshall’s Park series is here. Monty Gets Married… Doesn’t He? begins with Finn watching Aiden walk down the aisle toward him. The gazebo is under the trees in Aunt Patti’s garden. The flowers are beautiful and there is a dog peeing one his leg… what the WHAT?

Finn’s “best” (status to be determined at a later date!) friend Chris and his brother AJ thought it would be fun to take Finn out and get him blind drunk the night before his wedding. Somehow he winds up on a beach with no pants, his friend and brother nowhere to be found.

Finn’s adventures while trying to get home in time for his wedding to Aiden, the man of his dreams, and Kaylee, the daughter of his dreams bear the stamp of Lisa Worrall’s special blend of warmth and hilarity. If he gets there and what happens to Chris and AJ are for you to find out when you read this story. It is a fitting end to a series I have loved from the first word. I know Lisa would die if she heard this, but I’d be happy to have a new Monty story every month. These ten stories are heart-warming, sexy as all get out and just plain fun. And these final three are free at All Romance eBooks!

Strongly recommended.

You can buy The Marshalls Park Series #8-10 here:

Monty’s Trick or Treat

Monty Punches Pocahantas

Monty Gets Married…Doesn’t He?


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