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Kingett reads Basketball Jones chapter 5

In chapter five of Basketball Jones everything gets heated as the plot blazes into a startling and suspenseful kick off. You are so not prepared for what’s going to go down. Intrigued? It’s time for Kingett to read Basketball Jones.

Right, I am jumping right into this chapter because this is the chapter that things blast off from, and this is the start of what I’m sure will be a psychological roller coaster that will have me gripping the edges of my earphones and yanking on the pads.

There’s also huge development in this chapter as well, dealing with Drey and AJ, but I will get to that sweet spot in a bit.

At the beginning of the chapter, AJ takes a limo from the airport to a hotel that Drey is at. The beginning of the chapter just tells a lot of things, like where AJ goes, and tells us that he gets a key from the clerk. Before I got too far into the chapter, I started to yell at the author for making me read really dumb and mundane tripe about getting a key at the desk and the like…

I just have to say something really fast about AJ, while going to the hotel. The limo driver tries to converse with AJ, but AJ doesn’t want to talk to him. Why? I understand that AJ is tired, but I also am guessing that the author kind of favors black people over white people. So far, all of the main characters have been black and whites are just an afterthought or someone who AJ meets once and never sees again. I wonder why that is. I’m thinking that the author just favors black people more, but before this thought gets very far, I want to get to the good bits of the chapter.

When AJ reaches the plush room, he freshens up in the bathroom and then he spots Drey sleeping on the bed. He crawls in beside Drey, and Drey snuggles up to AJ and displays some level of caring I thought that I would never see Drey express.

“You made it,” he said, kissing me on my ears and neck. Dray wasn’t wearing underwear and the warmth of his body soothed me. “I’m so glad you’re here, AJ. You’re not mad at me, are you?”

“For what?” I asked.

“Making you cancel your meeting and your trip to see your family.”

“No, I’m cool. I called the foundation and they said I could come in when I get back. I’ll see Mama and Bella another weekend.”

“Cool, boi.”

This is totally touching to me. Drey isn’t the kind of person I thought him to be. He really cares about Drey, and he understands the sacrifices that he’s asking AJ to make.

Yes, okay. This does show that Drey isn’t all that bad. I can admit to having a one-track mind about Drey, and not looking at the whole package, but can you blame me? I didn’t even get a good picture of the guy at first! Sure, back in college he didn’t have a lot of money. Does that justify hiring AJ a trainer without even asking him first? No…

While I have many feelings, I can freely admit that I judged Drey very harshly in the beginning. I’d like to think that I was blinded by all the money, though, and the views I got of him through AJ. AJ told me how Drey was. I could have taken a step back, though, and looked at Drey as a whole human being with feelings as well as love inside of him. Perhaps my opinions were colored by Drey’s celebrity status?

Whatever the reason, I judged Drey too harshly. I’m so sorry, Drey! Can you forgive me? I understand that you do care about AJ, hence the concern for making him come all the way up here.

It appears that this chapter is going to be a happy one, but things drastically change when AJ returns from sightseeing. AJ returns to his hotel only to find that the Do Not Disturb light in his apartment is on, and his key card stopped working entirely.

He goes to check out the key and then, oh my god, just oh my god! Someone hold me! Oh my god!

“I’m in villa eight.”

“May I see some form of identification?”

“Sure.” I pulled out my driver’s license.

She looked at it and then punched in a few keys on her computer. Something was wrong. She looked puzzled and said, “Sorry, sir, but are you sure you’re in villa eight?”

Are you sure… what? What’s going on? Excuse me? What? What’s happening! Oh my god! What the hell is happening!

“Then there must be some mistake. This villa is in the name of Mr. and Mrs. Drayton Jones. I know that’s right–I checked in Mr. Jones yesterday and gave a key to his wife a few hours ago. I remember him because he was so tall.”

Wow! Wow! Oh my god! Wow! Oh my god! His keycard doesn’t even work anymore? What? The room isn’t even in his name anymore? What? Judy is here? She’s in the apartment now? Oh my god! When did she get here? Wait, what? Wow! Someone hold me! Holy hell!

Drey just kicked AJ out like that, after AJ flew all the way up here with some clothes? This is tearing me up inside. This is totally insane. This is beyond…. Holy hell!

AJ angrily sits and tries to get a hold of Drey, but his cell is off. After a bit of fuming, Drey calls AJ and tells him to go home again. What?

This is hurting me very much! Holy cow! Dude, AJ flew all the way up here for you. Seriously? What in the hell are you doing? Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! I seriously want to hug AJ right now. AJ decides to go ahead and return home, and the chapter ends.

I want to see AJ get back at Drey. I want to see some heavy handed one-two in psychological payback. I don’t know if I want to have AJ leave Drey or not because the two do share something, but I do want to see AJ getting back at Drey somehow. I hope I see it, I really do. I hope it comes soon!

I’m totally psyched and pumped. Oh my god! I wonder what will happen next! I definitely want to find out. Hopefully justice will be served, such as AJ wins the lottery and totally marries another guy. Can it happen? I don’t understand why Drey is so very much in the closet. I want to see how AJ retaliates. I want to see it all!

Stay tuned for chapter six next week!


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