Dreamspinner Press, Reviewed by Jackie, Scotty Cade

Emotion Runs High In Scotty Cade’s “Sunrise Over Savannah” – Reviewed by Jackie

“Love can only be found through the act of loving.” ― Paulo Coelho


Author: Scotty Cade

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Pages/Word Count: 204 Pages

Rating: 5 Stars

Blurb: Thompson and Caroline Gray were living their dream until Caroline’s untimely death just two years after they’d bought the Thundercloud Marina. When Caroline died, she left Thompson alone and emotionally disconnected—until Thompson’s longtime friend and towboat owner Hank Charming tows Garner Holt, a recently retired psychiatrist, and his boat into the marina for repair. Thompson and Hank are both drawn to the sailboat captain, but for very different reasons.

Since high school, Hank has secretly carried a torch for Thompson, even though Thompson remained committed to Caroline, even after her death. Hank is totally caught off guard when his initial attraction to Garner makes him realize this stranger might be the one to help him move on with his life. Thompson establishes a platonic friendship with Garner and starts to see the psychiatrist as his only lifeline to sanity. Life improves until Thompson sees Hank and Garner together, and old feelings Thompson thought were long buried begin to resurface. Garner quickly identifies the unresolved feelings between Hank and Thompson and decides to tap his professional skills and work behind the scenes to help Thompson and Hank see what has been right in front of them all along.


Review: I was thrilled to see this book on the Dreamspinner list when it came out. I have been a serious Scotty Cade fangirl since I read the first book in the Love Series. Then I read The Mystery of Ruby Lode, and my love of everything Scotty Cade became official. I also love the fact that he moved his stories down here to the south; that just made it even better.

When I read this book, I had so many conflicting emotions. I admired the loyalty and dedication that Thompson showed by standing by a promise made when he was barely a teenager. The promises he made to Caroline may have saved her, but in the end, those same promises put his life on hold for a very long time. Hank Charming’s life was also put on hold by these promises, but Thompson never knew this.

When Garner Holt sails into their small marina in Savannah, neither man realizes that their lives are about to be flipped on their heads. Garner is the exact thing these two men need to help them see what has been right in front of them since high school. When the psychiatrist side of Garner recognizes that Thompson has a few…unresolved issues, he sets out to help him find the forgiveness he has never allowed himself. It wasn’t an easy journey for Thompson or Hank, but it was definitely worth the struggle.

This was a very emotionally charged book, and I simply loved all of the men Mr. Cade put in this story. When all of Thompson’s past secrets are brought to light, and he finally gets the chance to live for himself, it is a truly beautiful thing. Very rarely do we get to see a real life hero like Thompson Gray, and I can’t remember a character who has deserved a HEA more than he does.

I highly recommend this book, along with anything else by Scotty Cade.

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2 thoughts on “Emotion Runs High In Scotty Cade’s “Sunrise Over Savannah” – Reviewed by Jackie

  1. Jackie, I’m truly humbled and so thrilled that you loved this story. Thompson Gray has stayed with me longer then any character I’ve ever written and I must admit I had a little man crush on him all along. It was a complicated story and I’m so glad you got it! Thank you for such a heart-felt review and your kind words about me.


  2. Oh Scotty, thank you so much for the wonderful story you wrote and shared with me. I truly enjoyed taking this journey with these men and I can’t wait to see what you have for all of us next.


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