Dreamspinner Press, Jefferson Parrish

Jefferson Parrish’s “Pretty Sally Couldn’t Marry Albert” Brings The Past To The Present – Reviewed by Jackie

“What can ever equal the memory of being young together?” ― Michael Stein

Title: Pretty Sally Couldn’t Marry Albert

Author: Jefferson Parrish

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Pages/Word Count: 45 Pages

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Blurb: Recovering from a stroke, Albert struggles to help his sister deal with her husband’s death and the demands of single parenthood. Everyone puts on a brave face, but the family is overwhelmed and left with a hole in their hearts. The discovery of a stash of old valentines makes Albert nostalgic for the sunny days spent with his childhood friend, Harry. Albert’s nephew, Kyle, decides to find the long-lost Harry only to discover life hasn’t been kind to Harry either.


Review: Albert and his sister are doing their best to keep life moving forward after Albert’s stroke and the death of Bonnie’s husband in Afghanistan. Bonnie and her three children have been both getting support from Albert and giving him support in their time of need. Bonnie’s teenaged son Kyle has been sullen and withdrawn, and Albert hasn’t been able to find a way to get through to him. They only thing they have found common ground in lately are the horror movies they both like. Then one night at dinner, Bonnie digs out some of Albert’s old valentines from grade school, and Albert is reminded of a long lost friend who used to be his constant companion.

Kyle senses that there may have been more than just friendship between them, and he sets out to reconnect Albert with his best buddy Harry. Kyle finds Harry, but saying the man is down on his luck would be putting it mildly. When Albert reconnects with Harry, some advice from Kyle sets Albert on a course he never could have imagined.

When these two men are reunited they both have some issues to work through, but true friendship could definitely lead to more. If they can get past their own egos, that is.

This was a very sweet story with a lovely ending that brings two men full circle from an adolescent crush to a mature happily ever after. With this being a short story, there are some questions left unanswered, but I believe the author did a great job of leaving us with a good impression of the future this couple will share and some great memories of a shared childhood.

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One thought on “Jefferson Parrish’s “Pretty Sally Couldn’t Marry Albert” Brings The Past To The Present – Reviewed by Jackie

  1. I just ran across this review by accident. This story has received more (and fewer!) stars in other reviews and ratings, but not a better, or better written, review. Yours is a model of what a review should be.


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