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It’s A Sexy Saturday Snippet From Casey K. Cox – And There’s A Giveaway!

So, here’s an interesting thing… When I was first thinking of what to share with you lovely people about the history of Alec and his ‘Rise’, I remembered the first scene I ever wrote which didn’t make the final cut. I thought, hmmm, it might be cool to share it even though I decided to take a different direction. Hotness is hotness, right? BUT, when I decide to look at the file for that scene, I realised I must have been further into the story when writing it than I’d originally remembered. Either that or I’d edited it to fit a later part of the story. Not to worry, I thought, I shared those initial raunchy thoughts with my writing group; I’ll look it up and take the original from there. And this is where it gets interesting… the first scene I wrote for Alec was not the scene I was remembering. In fact, the whole way Alec developed was different to how I now remember it happening.

Alec has been my baby for a long time now, and it kind of freaks me out that I had completely forgotten, or rather rewritten in my head, the history of his inception. On a positive note, it has given me a new idea for another story. :)

Back to Alec.

The series was born (and this is the real version now, not my alternative history) out of a Sunday afternoon daydream—oh yeah, I love being in my head too—that was just too good not to put down on paper. I had this image of a young guy bending over the desk in his boss’s office getting more than he’d bargained for, much to his joy and elation. One thing led to another, and I was soon writing more about the developing relationship not only of the two men but of Alec with the rest of the world, and himself. It became more about character development and discovery, about the interactions of characters than about arc and plot. Alec was originally written as soap opera porn.

Somewhere along the way the porn slipped into the background (did I really just say that?) and a story appeared of a young man struggling to find his place in an elite, underground powerhouse of the country’s most important men. The Rise of Alec Caldwell: Erotic Adventures of a Young Businessman takes you through the initial steps on Alec’s path to notoriety, but also paints the picture of an inexperienced, somewhat naïve young man pushing his personal boundaries in an attempt to discover more of himself.

Along the way I’ve been blessed with some much loved characters, I know some of you have your favourites, who bring that bit of extra sparkle to Alec’s complicated life. Some of them may well see a short or two of their own in the future.

I truly hope you choose to join us on Alec’s journey, and for the hardened Alec fans, there will be some new scenes in upcoming print volumes.


In other news…

I am working on the second installment of the Breaker Series (Part one, Finding King, available from LT3 Press). It delves more into the world and background of the boys and the potential dangers that lay ahead for a ‘their kind’. Jessie and Merrick take a back seat to Ace and Raif in this one, but they are still on hand with a few muddles of their own.

I’ve signed up for Goodreads MMR Love’s Landscape Promo and have a really exciting prompt. It takes me away from the sexfest that is Alec, the dysoptia of the Breaker and into a lighter world of college lads discovering…stuff. I don’t want to give too much away, but I hope you’ll stop by and read some of the great stories that will be freely donated, mine included. :)

In the meantime, here is a snippet from the new print edition of The Rise of Alec Caldwell: Erotic Adventures of a Young Businessman.

Excerpt Warning: This scene contains one or all of the following – Sex in the workplace, a horny virgin and his sexy boss, a touch of D/s, naughty language, a little exhibitionism, and just a hint of voyeurism.

In the unlikely (but possible) event of spontaneous human combustion while reading this excerpt, it is recommended you read the entire book for maximum effect. :)

On the Job Training

Alec listened as Chloe reeled off the latest conquest in her fuck every man in a fifty-mile radius life goal. Josh, Alec heard her say, was thirty-two and married but his wife didn’t like sex now she’d had their first child. Poor Josh had to make do with once a month—if, he was lucky. That sounded more than lucky from Alec’s corner. The words floated through his brain initiating auto-response as his mind focused on the curve of Rick Hamilton’s ass where he leaned over Sophie’s shoulder at the desk behind Chloe. Alec’s eye slowly traced the line over the hip and shoulder to—fuck… Hamilton was looking at him. Alec flushed at the smile playing over Hamilton’s lips and concentrated on Chloe, concentrated so hard that when Hamilton touched his shoulder, he jumped almost a foot in the air.

“I’d like to see you in my office, Alec.”

“Yes, sir. Now?”

“I think so, yes.”

Damn and blast. Alec tidied a few things on his desk and made his way to Hamilton’s office. He blushed as he closed the door and stood before the desk. Alec tried to fill his mind with mundane things—the sky looked gray for the time of the afternoon, maybe it would rain. The cherry color of Hamilton’s office furniture was the same as that of the toilet cubicle where Alec… not such a good train of thought. Alec coughed lightly, trying to shake the idea of jerking off to the image of Hamilton’s face out of his mind.

“No need to stand on ceremony. Take a seat.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“How long have you been here, Alec?”

“Two years, sir. Ten months on your team.”

“Do you like it here?”

“Very much.”

“And why is that?”

Was it a trick question? Was he expecting Alec to own up to the fact it was because he liked staring at Hamilton’s butt? “The salary is good, the people are friendly and I enjoy my work.”

“I may have something else for you.”

Fuck, no. Hamilton was going to transfer him out of the department. Alec’s shoulders slumped and his hands gripped the arms of the leather chair as he shuffled uncomfortably in his seat. Get rid of the embarrassing coworker with a crush. What else would it be?

“You’ll continue with your present workload. This will be along the lines of additional duties. Do you think you would be interested?”

No transfer. “Absolutely, sir. I’m very keen to increase my experience within the company.”

“Hmm. Stand up, Alec, and come here.” Hamilton swivelled his chair to the side and gestured to the space directly in front of him.

Alec did as he was told, trying not to pass out cold as he met Hamilton’s gaze. Looking down into Hamilton’s face definitely made Alec feel giddy. If only he had the courage to reach out and touch.

“You’re a sweet boy, Alec. Something tells me you haven’t quite understood what I’m offering you.”

“A chance for additional duties, reporting directly to you, sir?” Maybe, I think. No, Alec didn’t have a clue. What other possibilities were there?

Hamilton stood up and walked behind him. Alec could feel his breath so close to his neck, his cock started to swell. Think of something else. Think of anything else.

“It would mean late nights, working over your lunch hour and reporting to me personally every day.” The hot breath curled into Alec’s brain. “Will that be a problem?”

“Not at all, sir.” Not in a million fucking years would spending more time with you be a problem.

Hamilton returned to his desk and picked up a piece of paper. “There will, of course, be a pay increase to reflect the extra duties. Will this be sufficient?” He handed Alec the paper.

Fucking hells bells. An extra twenty thousand a year. Twenty–fucking–grand.

“M-more than sufficient, sir. Thank you.” Alec placed the paper back on the desk.

Restlessly, Hamilton prowled around behind him again and pressed his chin to Alec’s shoulder. His hand swept lightly over Alec’s arm to his shoulder and Alec shuddered, his body responding without his permission. Hamilton’s words came breathily quiet in Alec’s ear. “But you don’t know what the duties involve. How do you know if it’s enough?”

“Oh, well, um…” Nope. Alec couldn’t get the words out with Hamilton so close. It was difficult to breathe or keep hold of any thought other than if he were to turn his head, his lips would brush Hamilton’s cheek. Rock hard cock. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

“You look uncomfortable. Let me take your jacket.” Hamilton’s arms slid around Alec’s waist and opened the button. He slipped the suit coat off Alec’s shoulders. Nothing left to hide the erection straining against his pants now. Hamilton folded Alec’s jacket over the desk and stood in front of him. “You seem to have a problem,” he smiled, tracing light fingers over Alec’s cock. Alec shuddered again. He’d blow any second. How more pathetic could he be?

“I’m so sorry, Mr. Hamilton.” Alec closed his eyes and looked at the floor. Just shoot me already.

“Nothing to be ashamed of, Alec. I like that you find me attractive.”

“I do. I mean, you do?”

Hamilton chuckled, still stroking the line of Alec’s cock. “Oh, yes. It will help tremendously. It will ensure your new duties are much more pleasant.”

“It will?”

Hooking a hand in the waistband of Alec’s pants, Hamilton tugged him closer before sitting in his chair. He studied Alec again with those damn sexy eyes. Alec missed his touch. How fucking stupid was that? Shouldn’t he be thinking of sexual harassment? His boss had touched him up. But what did Alec expect when he was the one always making eyes at Hamilton?

“Let me help you out with that.” Hamilton wheeled forward in his chair and reached out to unbuckle Alec’s belt.

You have got to be kidding me.

Hamilton unhooked Alec’s pants, pulled the zipper and let them drop to the floor. Alec could only stare, open mouthed, as Hamilton kneaded his cock through his underwear. Hamilton winked at him as he pulled at the waistband and slipped his hands into Alec’s shorts, pulling them free of his erection and sliding them down to meet his pants. Holy, fucking, moly.

“Everything okay so far?” Hamilton said.

“Uh… oh, absolutely, Mr. Hamilton, sir.”

“Good. Then we understand each other.”

I don’t understand a fucking thing but I am not complaining—oh no, not me.

Hamilton watched Alec’s face as he leaned forward and licked a drop of pre-come from the head of Alec’s cock. Alec groaned loudly and Hamilton chuckled before taking the whole head into his mouth and sucking.

“Oh. Sweet, lord. I’ll come in about five seconds.”

Hamilton pulled back, letting Alec’s cock slip from his lips and took up a steady stroking motion with his hand as he watched Alec’s face.

“I’ll make a mess,” Alec said, squirming on the spot but not wanting it to stop.

“Yes, it does tend to do that.” Hamilton let go and sat back. “Do you suck cock, Alec?”

“Do I, uh…no, sir. I never have before.”

“But you’d like to, you like men?”

“Yes, sir. I’m happy to have a go. For you, I mean. I’m willing to learn.”

“You are a strange one.” Hamilton picked up his cell phone and appeared to send a text. He put it back on the desk and looked at Alec. “Take off your shoes and pants and bend over the desk.”

Fuck. This was it. Hamilton was going to pop his cherry. Alec couldn’t believe his body was complying with the instructions without his mind engaging. It had always been the other way around: Alec desperate to follow through but his body wouldn’t move. Now, in an office where anyone could walk in, he was half-naked so his boss could play with him, and everything seemed to be working. Was the risk of being caught the key all along, or was it the authority in Hamilton’s voice that pushed him into motion? Alec realized he couldn’t care less, he was just glad it was happening. It brought a whole new meaning to the phrase “being caught with your pants down.”

“Good boy,” Hamilton said as Alec bent over and held the edge of the desk. The words went straight to Alec’s cock and it jumped obediently. Alec heard the squeak of desk chair wheels on the floor behind him. Soft hands kneaded Alec’s butt cheeks before prying them open. A tongue lapped over his hole and he jerked. “Everything okay?” Hamilton asked.

“Yes, I just wasn’t expecting it.” Why would I think my boss was going to lick my ass? For fuck’s sake.

“Should I use lube instead?”

Damn. He was going to lose the opportunity of his life and all because he was a useless waste of a space virgin. He should lie. Just say yes and let the man get on with it.

“Are you sure you’re okay with this, Alec?” Hamilton’s hand smoothing over his back was the last straw.

“I’m so sorry, Mr. Hamilton.” Alec was close to tears. Desperately trying to hold on to a last scrap of dignity seemed silly in his current position, but he really didn’t want to cry. “I’ve never. It’s just that… I don’t know what to do.”

“You’ve never been taken before?”

“No, sir.”

“That’s okay, what do you do for your boyfriends?”

Alec felt completely stupid. There was no point lying, he was rubbish at keeping up pretence. Better to just tell the truth and get it over with. “If you want to replace me, sir, I understand. I’m sorry I’m not suitable.”

“You’ve never had anal sex?”

“I’ve never had any kind of sex. Period, sir.”

“I’m sorry, Alec, are you telling me you’re a virgin? As in, a God’s honest truth, pure-as-the-driven-snow kind of virgin?”

Alec couldn’t hold the pose anymore; he turned, fell to his knees in front of Hamilton, and reached for his hand. “Please, Mr. Hamilton. I want to do this with you, for you. I want you to fuck me. I know I’m stupid and pathetic, but I fancy you like crazy and you’re the first person to suck my cock, so it makes sense for you to be the first to fuck me. I—”

“Stop.” Hamilton seemed to be thinking. He stroked Alec’s hair and face and Alec moved into the touch. It felt so natural. “I won’t fuck you.” Alec dropped his forehead on to Hamilton’s knee. Now he wanted to cry but the tears were stuck. “Not today anyway.” Alec looked up at him. Was that a glimmer of hope? “Your first time should be special, Alec, not over the desk at work.”

“But you will?”

“Yes, of course. I’m honored, really. Beautiful thing like you falling at my feet and pleading, how could I refuse?” Alec gasped lightly at Hamilton’s smile. “So sweet,” Hamilton said, and reached forward to touch Alec’s lips with his.

Alec curled a hand around Hamilton’s neck and pulled him into a full kiss. That, at least, he knew how to do. He groaned as Hamilton’s tongue slipped into his mouth and he returned his own, searching out his taste. Incredible. Everything he’d thought it would be. Alec’s cock bounced back to attention and he stroked it while deepening the kiss.

Hamilton pulled back, his eyes sparkling. “Wow, you seem to have mastered that very well.” He noticed Alec’s hand and slapped it away. “You don’t touch unless you’re given permission.”

“Sorry, sir. I don’t know the rules. Will you teach me? Make me what you need me to be.”

“Bend over the desk again. I’ll start to open you up a little.”

Alec was more confident this time. Hamilton knew the truth and still wanted this, still wanted him. That had to count for something. Hamilton spread his cheeks and licked and kissed his pucker.

“You must tell me if I do anything you don’t like or if I hurt you.”

“Yes, sir. All good, so far.” The sound was throaty. Hamilton was already licking and sucking over his hole again and then fucking hallelujah, his tongue pushed straight inside Alec’s ass. He was clean wasn’t he? Of course he was clean, he always kept meticulously clean. But was it clean enough? There were no complaints, so Alec relaxed into the sensations. His knees buckled and Hamilton let out a short laugh as he propped up Alec’s hips while still fucking him with his tongue. Alec rocked gently back against him, imagining a cock there instead.

He’d always wanted to shove something up his ass when he jacked off but never found the courage. He always wanted to watch gay porn but was too afraid the police would come knocking on his door, even though it seemed everyone watched endless porn online these days. But now… now, Hamilton was personally inducting him into the sex club. It was such a weight off his mind knowing he wouldn’t die a virgin because of his indecision. Hamilton didn’t love him but he was obviously into him and that was more than enough. Hamilton also seemed to know exactly what Alec wanted and that made Alec’s job easy. He just had to do whatever he was told to do. The thought sent a sudden, unexpected rush to his cock. “I’m going to come,” he mumbled. Hamilton stopped. “No, don’t stop. Please.” But the moment passed and Alec’s breathing started to settle.

“First lesson, Alec, you don’t come until I tell you.”

“I’ll try not to but—”

“No buts. If you come before I say, you will be punished. Do you understand?”

Punished? What the fuck? Alec tried to gather a few thoughts together.

“Alec, do you want to learn the rules or not?”

Rules. Rules were good. Alec could follow rules. Rules kept him safe. Rules were his life. “Yes. I’m not to come, until you say.”

Hamilton stroked a hand over Alec’s back. “Good boy.” Pre-come seeped from the tip of his cock at those words. “I’m going to fuck you with my fingers. Just relax and try not to clench.” Hamilton rummaged in a desk drawer. A moment later, a slick finger slipped through Alec’s pucker into his ass. Not uncomfortable but an odd sensation. Was that all there was to being fucked? What on earth was the fuss about? A steady rhythm started and again Alec rocked into the motion. “Good boy,” Hamilton purred. “You’re a natural. Just stay nice and relaxed.”

Oh, fuck. Alec’s knees buckled again as Hamilton hit something.

“Say hello to your prostate, Alec. The reason even straight men are known to like a finger fuck.”

“I can see why. Oh, shit, I’m going to come. I won’t be able to stop it.”

Hamilton stood quickly and Alec jumped as Hamilton slapped hard over his ass. Another blow, surprisingly painful, made Alec flinch. “Do I need to continue?”

“No, sir. I’m sorry. I’ll try harder.” Harder was the right word. His cock was bordering on painful, but that stung, and wasn’t fun. Not really. Maybe a little. But he had other things to concentrate on right now.

Hamilton resumed his position and continued to fuck him, this time with two fingers. Good, it felt very good. Alec was trying to think of random things, willing away his erection when the door opened. Someone came in and the door closed softly. Alec heard it lock. Fucking hell!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Casey K Cox grew out of the wish to write and publish new works of man-love fiction. I’ve been writing for many years and as my characters develop and change so do the names I associate as their author.

In this incarnation, Casey K Cox is interested in everything homo-erotic from coming of age to the dark bitter worlds of twisted fates and broken minds.

You’ll find me hunched over my laptop, discovering new worlds with my muse, in a small country village of South West England. I live with my two beautiful kids, who think I’m more than a little crazy for my latest obsession but they roll with it and support me as always.

My interests are many and varied. Science, archaeology, remote sensing, religions, philosophy, esoteric studies, gematria, crafts (of the hands on kind), painting and watching things grow.

My favourite authors at the moment are Aleksandr Voinov, Manna Francis, Twisted Hilarity and Jade Archer.

I hope you enjoy this visit to my world.

Find Casey at the following locations: BLOG | Facebook

The Rise of Alec Caldwell: Erotic Adventures of a Young Businessman is available for purchase at the following etailers: Brunos | Amazon US | Amazon UK


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  1. Hi, all, and many thanks to you for entering Casey’s “Alec Caldwell” giveaway. The contest has come to a close, and the three winners have been selected. Print copies of the book will be coming your way…

    Rocky B

    Congratulations to each of you! I’ve already emailed Casey with your contact information, so expect to hear from her soon.


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