Doubleday, E. Lynn Harris

Kingett Reads “Basketball Jones” – Chapter 11

In chapter 11 of Basketball Jones shit gets real very fast, I profess my love to Maurice, and I am so not prepared for the action that’s soon to be taking place before my very eyes. Intrigued? It’s time for Kingett to read Basketball Jones.

I’m going to jump right into this today because this is where shit gets so real that I don’t know how to handle myself… I don’t know how to prepare you or me for this kinda action. This is intense, and oh my god! Action! The plot touted on the back of the book begins to manifest in this chapter and wow! The roller coaster has started, and I am totally excited to get started on this wild ride.

The beginning of the chapter is really slow and kind of boring compared to what happens in the latter part. AJ decides that he needs to get away from everything, and, by the way, I honestly can’t even begin to blame him. If I had a boyfriend that was really vacuous I’d do the very same thing that AJ is doing, get away from it all for a bit. AJ needs to get some time away from everything so that he can really stop and think about what he’s going to do, and he also needs to vent to someone.

Ironically this is exactly what he does, goes to see Mo, and he tells his best friend what’s really going on yet still keeps Dray’s identity a secret. AJ doesn’t have to be loyal to such a man, I’m just saying.

AJ and Mo are sitting… well. I’m not sure where they are sitting because that part isn’t quite explained, but Mo and AJ are sitting outside eating something together, talking about AJ’s life, and AJ is feeling quite sad and angry about the events that happened within the last week, also known as the last two chapters. They are talking about the events that happened, including the bit about Cisco coming to AJ’s place and trying to seduce AJ into having sex with him even though Cisco wasn’t gay.

I just want to say that I absolutely LOVE Mo! He’s so cute in an “I don’t play!” kind of way that he’s become my favorite character thus far. I love how Mo says what he feels and also makes life seem as if everything will be okay because life is okay, always, and since life is okay, then we all will be epic!

Granted he isn’t at the level of maturity that AJ is at, but I just love how he just has a kind of attitude that tells life that nothing will go wrong with him, even if things do go wrong.

He pointed his fork at me. “No, child, you’re a fool. That’s where men are different from females. We aren’t built to be faithful. It doesn’t matter if you are straight or gay. So if you want to play Goody Two-shoes, give me his digits. I’d sit on that dick and think nothing about it. Do you know how much free dick I’m going to get the closer we get to the party?

Mo isn’t the most mature man I have ever seen, but look at what happened to him. It’s no surprise to me that Mo WOULD say something like this. The man is compensating for the big slap in the face that he received. Hello future boyfriend, I am right over here willing to take you!

A lot of people don’t get Mo, and I understand that. Mo is a complicated character that’s ready to brave the world and strap on his facets and beliefs and try something new in an old situation, or location. Mo is different layers, and people just have to take the time to peel back every layer one at a time. It’s okay Mo, I understand you, and I love you, and that’s all that matters.

AJ is seriously lucky that he has someone as epic as Mo sitting across from him as they eat burgers. I want to be the one sitting across from Mo, but since I can’t, I will just say that Mo is the perfect boyfriend for AJ even though AJ doesn’t understand my future husband. He’s impatient with him when Mo has these get famous schemes, and his outbursts of truthful declaration, but AJ doesn’t see the epic guy underneath all the blitz and the brass comments and the teenage like affirmations that Mo makes, but Mo really does care about AJ, and that makes me want to marry Mo. Can he please leap through the pages and slap a wedding ring on me? I’d be more than down!

Even though Mo has a disarming outer persona, he really does have a big heart. Why? He just shows how much he cares for AJ by asking him questions because he wants to know what AJ’s feelings are. Yes, future boyfriend, I am waiting in Chicago for you! Oh my, I want to have fictional characters visit me! I’m utterly melting!

We ate our meal in silence while the sun beat down on our faces. After a few minutes, Maurice looked at me thoughtfully. “Listen, all kidding aside. Does this guy really make you happy? I mean happy enough to hide a part of your life from your closest friend?”

I thought about his question for a few moments and then said, “Most times.”

See? Mo totally cares about AJ! It’s really touching to me because AJ needs someone like this in his life. Drey just doesn’t understand AJ like Mo does, partly because Mo is way more astute and intelligent than Drey is about things such as love and people and just being the person who you should be, who you are.

I don’t have time to sit and drool over Mo and his wonderful disposition, however, because AJ gets a call, and oh my god, I can’t believe what’s going on! AJ answers the phone and Dray is freaking out, shouting at AJ, and just being totally insane. Why is he doing this? I am not prepared for the revelation!

“I need you to come back to New Orleans now, AJ, and I mean right now.”

“Why?” Images of my aborted trip to Los Angeles flashed in my head and I became angry all over again.

“Don’t ask any questions. I need to see you right away. I need to know who you’ve been talking to about us. Someone is blackmailing me!”

This is intense, partly because, again, Dray is being an idiot and not using his brain. Although I wonder too, because it seems as though the couple keep their love a secret very well, even having different phones and numbers for each other. So far the only person that I know of who was able to figure it out has been Cisco. He may be a twat, but he certainly isn’t dumb by any means. He could have easily found out. Could it also be Jade, though, the psychic? It’s possible. She did have some rather lavish looking clothes the last time AJ saw her, in chapter seven. She could be saying that she’s a psychic in order to get information out of people, or among situations, and then she could be an expert blackmailer, using the psychic persona to read things about a situation that she set up herself and thus, people are so impressed they pay her on top of the ransom. I don’t want to suspect Judy, Dray’s wife, because I don’t think that she has enough brains to pull off something like this. I don’t think that she even knows how dumb Dray is. Whoever is doing this would have to know Dray very well, as well as know how he reacts, or would, based on observations anyone could make about the dimwitted athlete.

AJ immediately hops onto a plane and flies back home, and I really can’t wait to see what happens with this new development. Things are getting heated in the plot, and I am eternally unprepared and wildly excited all at the same time. I have a feeling that this will be epic!


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