Patrick Darcy, Reviewed by Lynn, Wilde City Press

It Comes Down To Choices In Patrick Darcy’s “Confessions of a Gay Rugby Player #4” – Reviewed by Lynn

“Choose your love. Love your choice.” ― Thomas S. Monson

Title: Confessions of a Gay Rugby Player #4

Author: Patrick Darcy

Publisher: Wilde City Press

Pages/Word Count: 54 Pages

Rating: 5 Stars

Blurb: Things could not be better for star rugby player Conor Murphy. He has a hot boyfriend that worships him and he is back in his rightful place, leader of the Dublin Chiefs Rugby team.

His new boyfriend Oisin has the hottest ass in town and yet things are not right. There is pretense between them. Not on Oisin’s side, no, the man loves him. It’s Conor who is not tackling straight. His mind is filled with thoughts of another. Sean, the love of his life, is single again and Conor can’t help but think what if.

What if he had the courage to end things with Oisin and take a punt with Sean. Self doubt fills Conor’s mind. Can he really do this to Oisin? Doesn’t he deserve better? Does Sean even feel anything for him?

It’s time to decide what he wants, Oisin or Sean? Will he do the right thing or follow his heart?


Review: It’s always a treat to read these stories by the fabulous and funny Patrick Darcy. I love the humor, the writing is light and fast paced, such a joy to read.

Conor and the boys are back, heading to London for another Rugby tournament. The tone to this one was a little different from the first three. For one, Conor has a boyfriend, so there weren’t any hooks ups or threesomes that we’re used to seeing from Conor. Oisin, the boyfriend and a little clingy power bottom, has Conor testing out his Dom side. We were definitely treated to the hot sex scenes we’ve come to expect from this author; nothing was missing in that department.

And of course, we get a lot of Rugby. I enjoy being inside of Conor’s head while he playing. We get a play by play of what’s going on, and we hear all the banter among the teammates. What an awesome job Mr. Darcy does bringing the game to the page and making someone who has no clue really enjoy it. Very well done, as always.

The Conor and Sean saga is still not settled. It’s been a year, and they aren’t as close as they used to be. It’s sad, really. We know how they both feel about each other, now they just have to tell each other. I’m just so frustrated with the both of them. As the story is told through Conor’s POV, we know he’s in love with Sean. With Sean, we know by his actions he’s interested in being more than friends too. I’m really liking where the author is going with this storyline. We aren’t getting the friends-to-lovers in one quick swoop. These characters are having to work at it.

As for the ending and the lovely cliff hanger Mr. Darcy left us with, I know it’ll be worth the wait.

**Review originally appeared on, and posted with permission from, MANtastic Fiction**

You can buy Confessions of a Gay Rugby Player #4 here:


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