Cat Grant, L.A. Witt, Reviewed by Lynn, Self-Published

There’s Heartache To Be Had In Cat Grant And L.A. Witt’s “Guarded” – Reviewed by Lynn

“It hurts to love. It’s like giving yourself to be flayed and knowing that at any moment the other person may just walk off with your skin.” ― Susan Sontag

Title: Guarded

Authors: Cat Grant & L.A. Witt

Publisher: Self-Published

Pages/Word Count: 344 Pages

Rating: 5 Stars

Blurb: On the surface, rock star Jordan Kane has it all. His band No Rules is burning up the charts and headlining a world tour. His bodyguard doubles as a hot, kinky boyfriend who knows just how to push all his buttons. But behind the scenes, he’s suffocating.

Jase Hewitt never imagined he’d have a shot at bedding the larger than life rock star – never mind dominating him – but now he’s worried he’s in over his head. Jordan’s kinks run deep, dark, and sometimes dangerous, putting Jase’s desires to both pleasure and protect him at odds.

They might have a fighting chance at finding the safe, happy medium between what Jordan needs and what Jase is willing to give, but there’s one problem: Daniel, Jordan’s childhood best friend, the band’s talented guitarist — and a volatile, hard-partying drug addict. Jordan is determined to save Daniel from himself, but Jase has been there, done that, and desperately wants to protect Jordan from the inevitable heartache of watching an addict self-destruct.

When Daniel goes off the rails again, Jordan calls off the tour to get him help. Tension within the band skyrockets and pressure from the record label sends Jordan into a dark spiral. Now his band — and his life — are balanced on a knife’s edge, and Jase is the only one who can pull him back… but only if the echoes of his own tragic past don’t push him over first.


Review: I have loved everything written by these two authors, so I quickly grabbed this one to read, knowing I wouldn’t be disappointed.

Wow, what a great story. Jordan is flying high on the success of his band No Rules. Jase is hired as Jordan’s bodyguard to help keep crazy fans away. He also looks out for Daniel, the bands guitarist, Jordan’s best friend and a habitual drug user. What starts off as a working relationship between Jordan and Jase, develops into something neither one thought possible.

I really liked Jordan’s character. Typical rock star, moody, barking orders to everyone. It’s exactly what we expect. He’s famous and rich, adored by millions, a person I thought would be self absorbed. He was nothing of the sort; he turned out to be a little more complex than that. When the layers are peeled away we start really seeing Jordan, from the concern for his best friend and band mate Daniel, to his frustrating sex life. He’s been needing something no one has been able to give him, until Jase.

I loved Jordan and Jase together. I loved how the authors didn’t give this couple an easy pass. This was a relationship that definitely needed to smooth the wrinkles out before all was well and good. I felt the scenarios that played out between them were very realistic and beneficial for the both of them to move forward. I believe the authors did a fantastic job showing the not so glamorous side of fame and fortune. A pretty picture doesn’t necessarily mean a pretty life.

The authors did such a wonderful portrayal of the BDSM lifestyle. Jase knew exactly what Jordan was needing and missing in his life. Being a former Dom, he was determined to show Jordan how to channel his sexual urges safely. I loved how the authors handled this part of the storyline. It was written so tastefully and so sincerely. I loved the secondary characters introduced here. I felt they added a little more balance to Jordan’s world. At this point I knew they were a perfect fit, sexually as well as intellectually.

As the story moves along, we get the scoop on what’s really going on with Daniel. His jealousy over Jordan’s relationship with Jase, his drug habit, his stint in rehab, again. He feels like he’s lost his best friend and feels there’s nothing he can do about it. My heart broke for Daniel. Even though we really don’t get to know him, it was sad to watch him spiraling out of control. The helplessness Jordan feels for his best friend is utterly gut wrenching.

What happens next was totally unexpected, something I never saw coming. Not to give away spoilers here, but it was a scene that was jaw dropping. To say the main characters were knocked off their foundation is an understatement. At first, I was angry the authors went this route, especially when I saw the devastating effects this had on Jordan. But on the other hand, as the rest of the story unfolded, I came to the realization the authors did what they had to do for our couple. It was a hard, painful lesson to learn for the both of them, but I saw it was necessary for them to get on with their lives and be happy.

Overall, this was a fast paced, in your face emotional read. I would definitely recommend this to readers who don’t mind their character getting put through the wringer for a good cause.

You can buy Guarded here:


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